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Vinod Ramchandra Jadhav
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OrganizationSAVA Healthcare Limited

Mr. Vinod Ramchandra Jadhav is a first-generation Indian-born entrepreneur based in Dubai.[1] With a nearly three-decade-long professional career, Mr. Ramchandra Jadhav is well versed in supply chain management, marketing, sales, and regulatory and corporate affairs.[2]

Vinod Jadhav is the chairman of the SAVA Group — one of India's fastest emerging pharmaceutical organizations.[3] The group specializes in manufacturing a wide range of high-quality, affordable generic drugs. They also develop novel therapeutic solutions for unmet medical needs.

In addition to pharmaceuticals, Jadhav's entrepreneurial spirit is deeply intertwined with the technology industry. He is passionate about fostering an energy-efficient market by creating products aimed at energy savings and operational efficiencies.

Presently, he is the Chairman of Devtech M2M — a research-driven manufacturer that relies on innovative technologies to develop smart products.

Early life and education

Originally from Pune, India, he holds a diploma in mechanical engineering from Cusrow Wadia Institute of Technology and a graduate degree in materials management from the Indian Institute of Materials Management.

A mechanical engineer turned pharmaceutical manufacturer, Mr. Ramchandra Jadhav supports ventures in the electric vehicle ecosystem, power electronics, predictive diagnostics, biotechnology, and new drug research. He is also highly experienced in first-to-market generics, veterinary medicines, supply chain management, global sourcing, and international taxation.

Throughout his initial corporate experience, he familiarized himself with hydraulic systems maintenance, global sourcing, supply chain management, ERP database design, cross-border trade, international taxation, and accounting.


As Chairman of the SAVA Group, Mr. Ramchandra Jadhav has over 15 years of hands-on experience in supply chain planning and orchestration within complex process manufacturing networks.[4]

Trusted by healthcare professionals around the globe, SAVA Healthcare Ltd. was deemed the Best Trading Exporter in India by the Pharmaceutical Exports Promotion Council (Ministry of Commerce, Government of India) In 2010.[5]

Passionate about providing opportunities that grow careers and touch lives, Mr. Jadhav continues to follow industry trends and developments and is committed to creating long-term sustainable businesses.[6]

Personal life

Mr. Jadhav is involved with several charitable organizations. He is forever bound to Rotary International — a club well-known for connecting people who wish to solve community problems, provide humanitarian aid, and promote peace. With over 35,000 clubs worldwide, Rotary's Pune Heritage Club awarded Mr. Jadhav honorary membership.[7]

He recently sponsored its Happy Schools Project, which adopts and repairs the infrastructure of rural schools, and has pledged funds for setting up a 120-bed hostel for girls and boys in Ahmednagar.

Mr. Jadhav is committed to developing the dialysis unit and pediatric ward at Sassoon Hospital in Pune, India, alongside Rotary International. He also received a Major Donor Crystal from Rotary International and is a member of the "Paul Harris Society."

Vinod Ramchandra Jadhav enjoys returning to his hometown of Pune, India, over the holidays. With a passion for adventure, he has traveled to nearly 50 countries. He loves art, history, and culture.

Awards and honors

  • In 2010 under Jadhav’s leadership, SAVA Healthcare Ltd. was recognized as the Best Trading Exporter of India by the Pharmaceutical Exports Promotion Council.
  • Frost & Sullivan awarded Devtech M2M with the Solutions New Product Innovation Leadership and India Lighting Controls Award, in 2015.
  • Jadhav is also honored with the Vocational & Service Excellence Award in Feb 2022.


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