Top 30 Emerging cyber security companies

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In a rapidly growing cybersecurity technology market, the demand for robust security defense has led to the emergence of numerous solutions. To help navigate this dynamic landscape, we present a list of top companies at the forefront of protecting businesses, governments, and individuals from evolving cyber threats. Given the current high-profile ransomware attacks, software supply chain hacks, and industry mergers, the stakes are high, and the sector is undergoing significant changes. With a focus on threat detection, incident response, risk management, and data protection, these cybersecurity companies demonstrate excellence in fortifying defense mechanisms against potential attacks. Through a comprehensive analysis of their services, solutions, and market impact, this article sheds light on the key players shaping the future of cybersecurity.

1. Cyware
Cyware, established in 2016 and headquartered in New York, is a leading provider of Virtual Cyber Fusion Centers, offering Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response (SOAR) capabilities and threat intelligence automation. With extensive experience in software development, spanning over 25 years in the U.S. and the Philippines, Cyware specializes in retail and payment processing solutions. Their clientele includes prominent organizations such as AIG, Citibank, Merrill Lynch, Travelers, Chemical Bank, Goldman Sachs, and numerous others. The company is known for serving various retailers across the nation, catering to 5,000+ outlets and 15,000+ retail POS units. Their focus on cost-effective and efficient products ensures compatibility with emerging technologies. Cyware's commitment to customers remains steadfast, providing reliable software solutions for their intricate business requirements, and establishing strong partnerships with a deep understanding of their evolving needs.

2. Lacework
Lacework, established in 2015 in San Jose, California, is a data-driven security platform focused on cloud security automation. Their Polygraph® Data Platform automates cloud security for multi-cloud environments, covering configuration assessment, threat detection, host intrusion detection, and compliance checks. The platform seamlessly integrates with AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, and Kubernetes. Lacework's recent funding round has resulted in a valuation of $8.3 billion, making it one of the largest in the United States. Trusted by nearly 1,000 global innovators, Lacework helps secure the cloud from development to runtime, empowering customers to prioritize risks, detect both known and unknown threats, achieve continuous cloud compliance, and develop secure code without sacrificing speed. The platform significantly reduces alert noise and expedites investigations with its patented anomaly detection technology.

3. Abnormal Security
Abnormal Security.jpg
Abnormal Security, established in 2018 in San Francisco, California, is a cloud-based email security platform that operates within Office 365 and G Suite environments. The platform is designed to protect against targeted attacks, including email account compromises, phishing, and malicious attacks. Abnormal Security utilizes behavioral AI and ML models to learn the behavior of employees and partners, enabling it to detect and block a wide range of email attacks, such as credential phishing, business email compromise, and vendor invoice fraud. The platform also addresses emerging attack types across email and collaboration applications. Through its behavioral AI-based approach, Abnormal Security analyzes the risk of every event to prevent even the most sophisticated attacks, providing automated incident response options for enhanced security.

4. EclecticIQ
EclecticIQ, established in 2014 in Amsterdam, Netherlands, is a global cyber threat intelligence provider. Their software automates intelligence management at scale, fostering collaboration among security teams. The platform serves targeted organizations, including governments and large enterprises, enhancing cyber resilience by detecting sophisticated threats beyond IOCs. EclecticIQ's open and extensible cybersecurity ecosystem allows organizations to embed intelligence at the core of their defenses, enabling them to outmaneuver adversaries and stay ahead of evolving threats. The company emphasizes breaking down silos and enabling internal and community collaboration for better cybersecurity outcomes. With teams across Europe, the UK, and North America, EclecticIQ operates worldwide, backed by a partner network of leading technology and service providers. Their focus lies in delivering scalable, effective, and fast threat intelligence solutions.

5. HoxHunt
HoxHunt, founded in 2016 in Espoo, Finland, is a Human Risk Management platform focused on cybersecurity awareness and behavior change. Instead of solely preventing or managing attacks, the platform employs simulated phishing, social engineering, and other attacks to raise awareness among staff. It also rewards users for reporting potential security issues. The platform offers cybersecurity training tailored to individuals who may struggle to recognize threats. With a focus on combining AI, behavioral science, and advanced automation, HoxHunt enables fully automated behavior change, enhancing protect-detect-respond capabilities and measurably lowering risk. HoxHunt collaborates with prominent global companies such as Airbus, IGT, DocuSign, Nokia, AES, Avanade, and Kärcher. Additionally, they have formed partnerships with leading global cybersecurity companies, including Microsoft and Deloitte.

6. Nozomi Networks
Nozomi Networks.jpg
Nozomi Networks, established in 2013 and headquartered in San Francisco, California, is a cybersecurity platform specializing in OT and IoT protection. Their toolset includes real-time ICS monitoring, hybrid threat detection, asset inventory, and vulnerability assessment. Founded by Andrea Carcano and Moreno Carullo, Nozomi Networks aims to innovate cybersecurity and operational control practices for industrial sectors. Their products, such as SCADAguardian and SCADAguardian Advanced, offer passive network traffic analysis and proactive threat and vulnerability detection. The Central Management Console provides unified cybersecurity management for clients with multiple industrial facilities, integrated with the OT ThreatFeed for advanced contextual-based threat detection. Nozomi Networks primarily serves businesses in industries like manufacturing, mining, oil, and gas.

7. Murkyware
Murkyware logo.JPG
Murkyware is a US-registered cybersecurity company that specializes in conducting Software Profiling Service, offering a unique cyber knowledge base to assist organizations in identifying and diligently monitoring various software-related risks within their network environments. Murkyware combines technical, legal, and geopolitical threats of third-party software, along with their potential impact on organizations, into software profiles. Established in 2020, Murkyware stands as the world's first Software Profiling Service. Founded by Mohamed Amer with the mission to bolster organizational defenses against ransomware attacks, evaluate supply chain vulnerabilities, and effectively manage obscure cybersecurity risks using publicly available information.

8. Deepwatch
Deepwatch, established in 2019 in Tampa, Florida, specializes in early cyber threat detection and response. Their customized guidance helps mitigate risks and enhances security posture by supporting security operations centers (SOCs) and managing EDR and VM solutions. Deepwatch offers a comprehensive suite of cybersecurity services, including Managed Detection & Response (MDR), Vulnerability Management, Network, and Endpoint Detection & Response. They extend security teams through squad delivery and use a proprietary maturity model to proactively improve cybersecurity. Serving Fortune 500/Global 2000 companies worldwide, Deepwatch's cloud security platform, developed by expert engineers and security specialists, revolutionizes modern SOCs. Their borderless SOC and powerful analytics platform proactively safeguard brand, reputation, and digital assets for leading global organizations. Overall, Deepwatch's services aim to achieve early threat detection and response, enabling effective risk mitigation and heightened security.

9. KnowBe4
KnowBe4, established in 2010 and headquartered in Clearwater, Florida, is a leading security awareness training and simulated phishing platform, founded with a focus on addressing social engineering threats. Their Automated Security Awareness Program allows for customized programs, and Active Directory Integration streamlines user management. The platform offers interactive training and simulated phishing exercises, tracking Phish-prone percentage™ for measurable results. With a vast library of phishing templates in multiple languages, KnowBe4 supports effective security awareness management. Their Customer Success team ensures rapid deployment without the need for extensive consulting hours. Add-on products like PhishER and SecurityCoach further enhance network protection and compliance training. KnowBe4 prioritizes the human side of cybersecurity, aiding organizations, especially Small and Medium Enterprises, in defending against cyber-attacks and keeping users vigilant about security. The platform's intuitive design and scalable capabilities cater to busy IT professionals.

10. Trail of Bits
Trail of Bits.jpg
Trail of Bits is a leading cybersecurity firm established in 2012, based in New York. They specialize in diverse services, including reverse engineering, cryptography, malware protection, blockchain security, and virtualization. The company conducts security assessments and research for major entities like Facebook and DARPA. With a focus on reducing risk and strengthening code, Trail of Bits has helped secure some of the world's most targeted organizations and devices since its founding. Their expertise extends to defense, tech, finance, and blockchain industries, providing clients with innovative technology solutions and advanced research techniques. They review the security of emerging technology products before market release and continually refine their tools and processes through each engagement and research project. The company's mission centers on the intersection of human intellect and computational power, driving meaningful advancements in cybersecurity.

11. Huntress
Founded in 2015, Huntress is an IT company providing threat detection and cybersecurity intelligence services. It empowers IT Departments and managed service providers (MSP) to address customers' cybersecurity challenges effectively. Huntress strengthens defenses for small and mid-size businesses vulnerable to cyber attacks by combining security tools and expert knowledge. Their Managed Security Platform detects advanced cyberattacks and hidden threats, offering managed endpoint detection and response (EDR), incident reports, antivirus, ransomware detection, host isolation, and security awareness training (SAT) for employees. Focusing on specific attack surfaces and vulnerabilities, Huntress prevents persistent footholds and ransomware attacks. Their cost-effective approach makes advanced protection accessible to small and midsize businesses. Huntress ensures organizations remain prepared against evolving threats in the cybersecurity landscape.