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Judah Karkowsky
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OccupationCo-founder, President, and Managing Partner of Leverage Point Group

Judah Karkowsky is an education technology executive and expert in educational innovation.[1] His focuses include investing, mergers and acquisitions, and operations.[2] He is the co-founder, president, and managing partner of Leverage Point Group.

Education and Career

Judah Karkowsky received his bachelor’s degree in computer science and applied media from Queens College. He also studied media and law at The City University of New York. He completed a master's degree in Business Administration and Management studies at the Quantic School of Business and Technology and completed advanced studies in corporate valuation and finance[3] at the Stern School of Business at New York University.

Following completion of his studies, Karkowsky worked at Credit Suisse First Boston. Additionally, he worked as a director of corporate and business development at Tutor.com, a senior vice president at Amplify and and as a President of Americas at Learnosity.[4] Karkowsky also served as a venture partner in the education practice at RIDGE-LANE Limited Partners.[5]

From 2016 through 2021, Karkowsky served as a senior vice president at Cengage. Several companies were acquired and integrated into Cengage during his tenure, creating millions of dollars in incremental revenue and value for the company.[6]

In 2022, Karkowsky co-founded Leverage Point Group, a consulting service company for businesses, government organizations, and nonprofits.[7] He is the current president and a managing partner.[8]

Additional activities

Judah Karkowsky sits on several boards, including KitNipBox. He has been a board member since 2015.[8]

Karkowsky provides public speaking and professional engagements related to his expertise in educational technology. For example, he was featured on a panel, “Exploring the Latest in EdTech”, at Yeshiva University in 2020.[9]

Karkowsky is a father of four based in the New York City metropolitan area.[10]


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