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Viktor Drago
Viktor Drago.JPG
Viktor Karasev

(1989-06-06) June 6, 1989 (age 32)
Ryazhsk city
Height190 cm (6 ft 3 in)

Viktor Drago (born 6 June 1989) is a Russian social media influencer, boxer, model, and actor who is also a three times roller ski world cup champion in cross-country.[1] Drago is the founder of Transform Your Mind, a training center known for helping people live happy, fulfilling lives.[2][3]

Drago is widely recognized for his prank videos on celebrities including Justin Bieber,[4] Jack Nicholson, Manny Pacquiao, Logan Paul, Dolph Lundgren and KSI that have gone viral on Youtube. He has also gained a mass following for sharing unique lifestyle content across popular social media platforms - Instagram and YouTube. As of 2022 Drago has a combined following of over 5 million.[5][6]

For his creatively curated prank videos as well as videos demonstrating how to pick up girls - Drago has captured the attention of a number of media outlets including TMZ,[7][8] TMZ SPORT,,[9] Yahoo,[10] Medium,[11] Voyagela,[12] and others.

Early life and education

Drago was born on 6 June 1989 in Ryazhsk City. Drago holds a graduation degree from the Academy of Law and Management in Ryazan City.


Sports Career

By the age of 10, he began his professional career as a cross-country ski professional. He has been in the Russian National Cross-country roller ski team since 2008. As a ski professional, Drago won many awards in the Junior categories. When he moved to the main category, he won the world cup 3 times - Russia 2013, France 2013, Croatia 2014. He also won the Russian championship and all sprint competition in Russia in 2014.[13]

YouTuber and entrepreneur

In 2014 Drago created his training center - Transform Your Mind where he teaches people how to live a happy, fulfilling life. Eventually, he also began offering relationship advice at this center. In the same year, he started his first YouTube channel.[14] Two years later he also created his Instagram profile where he publicizes his pranks videos and videos from his lifestyle, motivational videos, fashion videos, picking up girls, etc.[15][16]

Soon Drago gained mass acclaim for his prank videos across the world. His videos are shot in several countries including the USA, Russia, Spain, Italy, Germany, Lithuania, Poland, Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia, and Indonesia to name a few.[17] In 2019 Drago curated pranks on renowned celebrities such as Justin Bieber, Dolph Lundgren, Logan Paul, KSI, Manny Pacquiao, and Jack Nicholson that further expanded his global reach as a leading prankster.[18] These videos went viral and captured the attention of a number of media outlets including TMZ, TMZ SPORT,, Hollywood Pipeline,[19] Yahoo, Bolavip,[20] Complex,[21] and others. As of 2022, Drago also runs a motivational YouTube Channel where he shares his expertise on different trending world topics.[22]

Personal life

Drago is married to an Instagram model, Diana Rinatovna. He is fluent in English and Russian.

In the media



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