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IndustryWeb3.0 Solutions/Virtual Universe
FoundedJuly 2022; 1 year ago (2022-07)
Area served
Key people
  • Rex Yeap (Co- Founder & President)
  • Donald Liew (Chief Executive Officer)
  • Vahid Mashayekhi (General Manager)
  • RiLEX (NFT Marketplace)
  • RiCHAIN (Blockchain)
  • MemoRi (Virtual Universe)

RiVERSE is a Web3 oriented solutions provider that focuses on completely revolutionizing the digital economy by creating innovative products, services and applications that allow the masses and businesses to adopt and transition into a digital economy on the RiVERSE infrastructure.[1]


Our name RiVERSE is derived from the abbreviation RI, which means Rendering Artificial Intelligence and the phrase VERSE which stands for Virtual Universe. Our goal is to revolutionise the digital business platform.

We will revolutionise the legacy economy model by introducing an NFT marketplace known as RiLEX. RiLEX is our very own blockchain powered by Web3.0 technology that ultimately serves as an immersive Virtual Universe that provides users with convenience, ease of use and affordability.


To revolutionise the legacy economy to digital economy model with the ease of use, wider accessibility and affordable for all

Our Mission

As a web3.0 solutions provider, we will introduce innovative products, services and applications that allow the masses and businesses to adopt and transition into digital economy on RiVERSE’s ecosystem

RiVERSE Ecosystem

RiVERSE’s infrastructure comprises of 3 main products including an NFT Marketplace (RiLEX), Blockchain (RiCHAIN) and Virtual Universe (MemoRi). Each of these product is a key component of RiVERSE and vital to its operations and development of new digital economy.

RiVERSE Global Partners

RiVERSE has been signing Memorandum with various global partners to march towards future digital economy since July 2022.

In order to realise and achieve our unified goal, each Memorandum signing aims at completing different objectives for our collaborations’ according to Mr Rex Yeap, Co-founder & President of RiVERSE Our global partner includes:

  • Tencent Cloud International – Tech Delivery Partner
  • PixelMax – Tech Rendering Partner
  • Marathon Corporate Services Limited – Trustee Services

Products and services

RiVERSE’s infrastructure consist of:

  • RiLEX : A Global NFT Marketplace that is easy to use and accessible for all
  • RiCHAIN  : RiVERSE’s consortium blockchain with TBaaS technology powered by Tencent Cloud
  • MemoRI : A Virtual Universe where all legacies, experiences and activities are easily accessible and affordable for all.


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