Nihar Gala

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Nihar Gala
Nihar Gala.jpg
Berlin, NJ
Alma materRutgers University
OrganizationAlpha Care Medical
TitleFounder and CEO

Nihar Gala is the founder and CEO of the medical practice Alpha Care Medical, a primary care medical practice which has 4 locations across the state of Delaware.[1] Nihar has medical knowledge that reaches across many different areas, but he specializes in addiction medicine and pain management.[2][3]

Early Life and Education

Nihar was born and raised in Berlin NJ where he attended school and excelled in sciences and mathematics. Besides his studies, Nihar enjoyed hobbies such as playing piano, computer programming, and spent time volunteering at a local hospital.

Nihar knew he had a passion for science, and after high school, he attended the College of New Jersey, where he received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology, Psychology, and Chemistry in 2008.

From there, Nihar continued on his path of medicine when he enrolled at Rutgers University NJ Medical School. There, he received his M.D. in 2012, and continued on to their residency program.


In 2012, after finishing his schooling at Rutgers University, Nihar Gala began his medical career with a residency at Allegany General Hospital with a Neurological Surgery Residency. Then, in 2015, he became Medical Director of Alpha Health Centers.[4][5]

After this, in 2016, Nihar accepted a position with Comprehensive Health Management Inc. as a Staff Physician.[6]

In 2017, Nihar was able to achieve his dream of owning his own medical practice, and he launched Alpha Care Medical, a primary care practice, where he currently is the Founder and CEO.[7] Since opening his practice, he has grown to have 4 locations across the state of Delaware.[8][9]


Nihar is very active in philanthropy and giving back to the community, so in 2022, he launched the Nihar Gala Scholarship for American Entrepreneurs, which focuses on funding for current students who wish to launch their own business after graduating.[10][11]


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