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Michael James Tamondong
Michael James Tamondong 2021.jpeg
Born (1977-06-14) June 14, 1977 (age 44)
Cagayan de Oro City, Mindanao, Philippines
NationalityFilipino American
Other names
  • Sixp8ck
  • Sneakerhead Geek
  • MJ Tamondong
  • Athlete
  • Athletic Shoe Fit Specialist
  • Influencer
  • Motivator
  • Actor
  • Personal Trainer
  • Bodybuilding and Fitness Enthusiast
Height5 ft 6 in (168 cm)
  • Simplicio Valerio Tamondong
  • Romana Dominno Tamondong

Michael James Tamondong (June 14, 1977), better known as Sixp8ck, Sneakerhead Geek, and MJ Tamondong, is a Filipino American athlete, former volleyball player, entrepreneur, social media influencer, actor, motivator, bodybuilding and fitness expert. Tamondong is the founder of Shredded Beyond ABSolute, a fitness company that provides personal fitness training. He has built a following, He posts videos for gym humor, motivation, memes, footwear, lifestyle awareness, bodybuilding and fitness wellness on the social networks, which has helped him build a huge following.

Tamondong is known as an actor-comedian after several self-produced videos, which became viral online. One of his video was also featured in UNILAD, a British social media company. Acting is not his full time job but he likes to make people smile, laugh, get motivated, and at the same time creates awareness.

Early life and education

Tamondong was born on June 14, 1977 in Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines. The youngest of his family, and grew part of his life in the Philippines but moved to San Francisco, California on January 18, 1990 along with his parents and father who’s in the military for a better living.[1] He became a US citizen on October 3, 2006 at a ceremony held at SF Masonic Auditorium, St San Francisco, California. His educational career spans from Presidio Middle School, George Washington High School, and Community College San Francisco: DNF. He began his career in 1995 and has dabbled in a bit of everything throughout the years, including his passion for footwear, sports, physical fitness, bodybuilding, and personal training. He became a US citizen on October 3, 2006 at a ceremony held at SF Masonic Auditorium, St San Francisco, California.[2]


Tamondong attended and played boy’s varsity volleyball for George Washington Eagles High School in San Francisco and when the Boy’s Volleyball was finally sanctioned in his senior year in 1995 and came in Second. In George Washington Eagles High School, he and the team went against Lincoln Mustangs High School to the California Interscholastic Federation High Boys Volleyball Championship in the biggest stage at Kezar Pavilion Gym San Francisco, California against in 1995 but came in second due to Tamondong's right index finger cut injury which he got after playoffs in an unfortunate off the court accident. Then he did not fully recover playing in the Championship round.[3][4]

He then played Northern California Volleyball (N.C.V.A.) Club and form his own USA Volleyball team International Flava volleyball 6 man team (iFLAVA) Level Played (B-AAA).[5] Won A Gold Level Championship.[6] [7] He also then played 9-Man North American Chinese Invitational Volleyball Tournament (N.A.C.I.V.T.), where he first played for Suyhn Fung and then form his own team soon then after Lung Fu (Dragon Tiger). [8]

After the recession hit in 2009, where he lost his job, Tamondong stepped down all volleyball activities to look for a new job. [9] Now a former athlete, in the next chapter of his life in 2009 he was out of shape mentally and physically. At that time Tamondong then got into bodybuilding and fitness. Where he finally joined Bodyspace Bodybuilding.com[10] and created a profile so he could track his progress in the ups and downs of his body transformation.[11] He also created his own BodyGroup for others to follow and get motivated.[12] Finally with all the hardwork, determination, and consistency he was Featured at Sixpacknow.com - ABS of the Month - 2010.[13]

While he previously worked for Copeland’s Sports Superstore, New Balance, Sports Authority, and General Nutrition Center (GNC), he found his new job when he started a full time position as an Athletic Shoe Fit Specialist position in for On The Run Shoes in San Francisco, California.[14] He currently works as a sneakers fit specialist as well as gives expertise with top reviews on a daily basis.[15]

On January 23, 2017, he founded Shredded Beyond ABSolute. He also owns and operates motivating people to his name MJ Tamondong and brands Sneakerhead Geek, Just Eat Sleep Lift Things and Keep On Pushing It.[16] Also Tamondong first became noticed as an actor-comedian after several self-produced videos became viral online [17]. And his video was featured in UNILAD a British social media company.[18] Acting is not his full time job but he likes to make people smile, laugh, get motivated, and at the same time creates awareness.[19] While browsing around online search site and social media he also got inspired of the actor-comedian David Banks aka Dynamite Dork works and with that in mind on his head hoping to create more gym humor online videos in the future.[20] [21]

When the pandemic hits during Covid-19 of 2020 he finally decided to signed up on social media TikTok App to work on his craft of acting humor during his spare time stuck at home and with TikTok virality hoping to become TikTok famous with his passion.[22]

Player specifications

Specification Detail
Height 5’ 6”
Weight 140lbs - 175lbs (Weight Varies For Bodybuilding, Acting, Fitness, and Volleyball In and Off Season Shape).
Volleyball Position(s) Setter / Outside – Opposite Hitter / Libero Defensive Passer – Digger Specialist.
Volleyball Level of Play B – AAA.
Volleyball Best Win International Flava (iFlava) Club Volleyball Men's 6 Men Team USAV / NCVA (A) Gold Level Championship.
Bodybuilding and Fitness Award(s) Sixpacknow.com ABS of the Month – 2010.


Year Title Role Notes
2018 "One of the most difficult exercises in the world" Lifter Short – Short: Comedy



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