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IMDb, which stands for "Internet Movie Database," is an online database that contains information about movies, television shows, home videos, video games, and content that can be streamed online. This information includes cast, production crew, and personal biographies, as well as plot summaries, trivia, ratings, and both fan and professional reviews. IMDb started as a fan-operated movie database in the year 1990 on the Usenet forum known as "rec.arts.movies," and then transferred to the World Wide Web in the year 1993., Inc., an Amazon subsidiary, is the current owner of the site and is responsible for its operation.

The database has around 11.5 million individual entries and 10.1 million titles as of March 2022. The titles included television shows. In addition to that, there were 83 million registered users on the website. Since February 2017, the site's discussion boards have been inaccessible to users.

All users have access to IMDb's title and talent pages; however, only registered users who are signed in can add new content and propose revisions to existing listings. These people have contributed the vast majority of the data that can be found on the site. Cast lists, credit lists, and other data points may have additions and adjustments made to them by registered users who have a track record of contributing useful information. An approval procedure is required for any changes to titles, cast and crew names, character names, and storyline summaries, as well as the addition or removal of photographs. This process typically takes between 24 and 72 hours.

Character filmographies were included in the game on October 2, 2007. As a result of the fact that character entries are generated from character listings in the primary filmography database, IMDb staff members are not required to do any further verification on those listings. When they are added to the main filmography, they have previously been checked before they are uploaded.

Users who have registered may choose their username, and the majority of them use a pseudonym. There is neither a single index of contributors nor is there an index on each profile page of the things that were provided. In addition, there is no identification of contributors on the data pages for each product or person, except for plot synopses and bios. Users are also allowed to provide ratings for individual titles on a scale ranging from one to ten. The sums of these ratings are then factored into a weighted mean rating, and there are filters in place to prevent vote stuffing.

The date that a user registered is shown on their profile page, along with their ratings of various games (this feature is optional). Since 2015, users could add "badges" that display a count of their efforts. These badges may be earned based on the overall number of contributions made or in individual categories such as images, trivia, or biographies. IMDb allows registered users or visitors who work in the entertainment business to upload images to their IMDb pages. This functionality is only available to those who have an IMDb page.