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IndustryReal Estate, Software, Advertising & Marketing
Founded2020; 4 years ago (2020)
  • John Danes
  • Adam Artemis
HeadquartersNashville, TN
Area served
United States

Leadjolt is an American-based Marketing Agency and SaaS Platform for Real Estate Agents founded in 2020 by John Danes and Adam Artemis. It offers an all-in-one solution to real-estate agents that manages their advertising campaigns, calling leads for them that saves time and helps them with more conversions. Leadjolt is a market-dominant and ranked as #1 appointment setting solution for real estate agents in the US.[1]

From 2020, Leadjolt claims to serve over 600+ agents with their system. It offers a three pillar process to offer real estate agents a custom tailored system, including a client success manager, live assistant to call leads, and a professional media buyer.[2] This system creates an awareness campaign that helps Leadjolt’s top clients to close 3-5+ deals in a month.[3]

Leadjolt has taken a completely different approach to lead generation which contributed to its growth. Instead of generalized campaigns and forcing clients to cold call, Leadjolt’s revolutionary tech and human team puts their clients in calendar appointments with qualified buyers and sellers.


Leadjolt was founded in 2020 by John Danes and Adam Artemis. The founders got the idea to start their company when they were about to become licensed real estate agents in 2019. They were cold calling leads on the small team they were hoping to join after being licensed. They quickly realized that no company or product had truly figured out a way to obtain high quality leads through internet marketing. This made the two immediately go to work on figuring out a solution.[4]

Danes and Artemis started with generalized marketing and follow up sequences and saw higher quality leads. After seeing initial success with their own campaigns, they saw an opportunity and started working on creating a product that can help other agents to generate better leads.

As of June 2022, Leadjolt services were used by over 600 agents in all 50 states and have hundreds of published case studies on their website.


Leadjolt has created an all-in-one solution to help real estate agents close more deals while saving time.[5] This system includes a Local Authority Campaign built by their in-house team of advertising experts that generates for their clients a flood of new buyer and seller leads in the agent’s service area. They also follow up on every lead generated for the agent through their two-point nurture process which screens leads through text and email. And to top it off, they call each and every lead completely for their agents. When they call a lead, they screen for credit score, desired bedrooms and baths, area of interest, price range, pre-approval status and timeline. If the lead checks all boxes, they schedule an appointment between the potential client and the Leadjolt Partner Agent.[6]

Leadjolt also guarantees results, to prove to their clients that this system will work for them and be profitable. Because of the hands-on approach that Leadjolt offers, they’re able to guarantee that this system works for their clients or the clients get their money back. They also give their clients full-area exclusivity, which means only one agent is working with Leadjolt per 25-mile area. This keeps their clients from fighting over the same leads and gives them a much higher conversion rate on average. This has led them to having more than 150 published case studies on their website.[7]

In the media

Leadjolt has been featured in new media and publications including Inman.com, The Good Men Project,[8] Yahoo Finance,[9] Net News Ledger[10] and others.[11]



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