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JetSet (Josh King Madrid)
Josh King Madrid.jpg
Josh King Madrid

(1998-03-08) March 8, 1998 (age 24)
Orange, California
Other namesJetSetFly
Alma materCollege Dropout
Known forPaper Boyz NFT,, Forbes Business Council Member
Height6 ft 2.5 in (189 cm)

Josh King Madrid (born March 8, 1998), better known as JetSet and JetSetFly, is an Internet Serial Entrepreneur, Neuro-Marketer, NLP Trainer, Social Media Personality, and Speaker.[1] He is the founder of, a magazine that serves information on NFTs.[2] He is known as one of the Generation Z internet marketers who pioneered digital marketing concepts and became a millionaire at just 19 years old.[3] JetSet also specializes in creating NLP training programs and has numerous collaborations with other large Internet personalities and in hosting business conferences.[4]

Early life and education

JetSet was born Josh King Madrid on March 8, 1998, in Orange, California. JetSet spent the first few years of his life raised in Ohio where his father built a $7M ecommerce drop shipping business selling health products and air ionizers while attending Ohio State Medical School. Years later, the dot-com bubble crashed, the e-commerce company went out of business, and he moved to Whittier, CA after his dad got a job at a local hospital. His mother was a stay-at-home mom, raising JetSet and his siblings while she attended law school. When JetSet was young he spent time helping build his parents' second e-commerce business, JetSet used to help his mother fulfill orders and package products so she can ship them out to customers for E-Health Supplies. The e-commerce company lasted for 4 years and managed to generate $300K-$600K a year in sales before his parents decided to close it down due to the low profit margins they had by trying to stay competitive with pricing in the marketplace. In Kindergarten, JetSet would create paper-folded wallets, draw different animals on them, and sell them to classmates. He started his first business when he was 7 years old—buying beanies from Alibaba with a loan his father gave him and then selling them to his second-grade classmates. JetSet continued to buy products such as iPod cases, silver or gold chains, snapback hats, shutter shades, and custom-printed clothing at wholesale prices from overseas and sell them at school, on eBay, and then finally on Facebook, leveraging viral growth hacks he had learned in high school. By the time JetSet was 15, he had saved $14,000 up to buy a Hyundai Genesis Coupe 2.0T, which he would modify and drive at car rallies and car shows that he hosted and attended. JetSet attended his freshman year of high school at Vista Murrieta High School, where he played basketball and competed in triple jump and long jump on the track and field team. He transferred to Paloma Valley High School in Menifee his sophomore year, where he would continue competing in those sports for the rest of his high school years, eventually becoming one of the top triple jumpers in the state of California his junior year. JetSet received offers to compete in track and field from many top schools, but decided to quit competing entirely to pursue his first sales and marketing business.


JetSet is the founder of He is an internet entrepreneur, certified NLP trainer, neuro-marketer, speaker, and social media influencer, best known as one of the early pioneers of the Gen Z internet marketing industry.[5] He started several businesses while in college in 2016 and later dropped out and became a millionaire in 2017. JetSet specializes in Product Launches, Internet Marketing, Sales & Marketing, and Strategic Partnerships.[6]

Josh King Madrid is the founder of the Paper Boyz NFT by As a marketing consultant, he has brought in over $10 million in sales for his NFT clients.[7]

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