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Dev Gadhvi
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Adipur, Kutch, Gujarat, India
OrganizationDev Gadhvi Creations Private Limited (founder)
Known forIndia’s #1 Passionpreneur

Dev Gadhvi is a globally recognized entrepreneur, business mentor, consultant, best-selling author, philanthropist, public speaker, top paid influencer and a self-made millionaire. He is India's first Passionpreneur Mentor and is on a mission to transform one billion lives by helping people identify their passion and build a business around it through his company, Dev Gadhvi Creations Private Limited.[1]

Dev has addressed various international and national platforms such as TEDx, JoshTalks, etc and is also a high profile blogger. He is the author of two Amazon bestsellers: 80% Mindset 20% Skills, and 6 Sundays a Week Life. Dev has been featured in several leading media publications and magazines such as Forbes India, Business Standard, BusinessWorld, Outlook, ANI, and IIFL Securities and has been awarded with 2 Comma Club Award from ClickFunnels by Russell Brunson for generating $1 Million in revenue.[2]

Early life and corporate career

Dev came from very humble beginnings. He was born and raised in Adipur, a village in Kutch, Gujarat, India to a truck-driver father and a homemaker mother. His childhood was extremely challenging where resources and opportunities were scarce. Basic necessities were met with a great deal of effort and the surroundings were not conducive for a young boy. Yet, despite all odds and with the support of an undaunted mother, Dev and his brother managed to educate themselves. However, language and communication were still an achilles heel.

In order to support his family, Dev took up various odd jobs from a very early age and that's when the spirit of entrepreneurship was kindled. However, due to lack of appropriate resources and low self-confidence, he decided to adopt the tried and tested road of the 9 to 5 career. However, here too he faced many challenges with respect to language, communication and self-confidence. But he overcame those odds and built a flourishing career in the corporate world.

Dev worked a 9 to 5 corporate job for over 16 years in various multinational companies in various capacities in sales. He led various teams and was one of the top-performing employees, frequently earning praises and recognition from his higher-ups. Having built a stable career, Dev was enjoying what many may call a successful corporate life. However, his burning desire and calling to be an entrepreneur took over and he quit his corporate career at the age of 36 and set out on his journey to meet his destiny in entrepreneurship. It was this decision that was truly the turning point in his life.

Having quit his job in 2018, Dev immersed himself in the world of self-development for 2 years and enrolled in two training courses at the Grant Cardone University and the Dan Lok University. He believes that if you add value to the market, the universe will reward you in unimaginable ways. It was this belief that prompted him to seek the mentorship of some of the leading names in the world of entrepreneurship which has contributed immensely to his growth and shaped the value he adds.

Becoming a passionpreneur

Dev identified that his purpose and calling in life is to help people who had given up on their passion and had fallen trap to the 9 to 5 illusion. He was inspired to mentor such people to once again seek their lost passion and to build a fulfilling life around such passion. He is a man who is on a mission to break the yoke of being stuck in a job and living a corporate zombie life to achieve the true potential that an individual has. He also coined the phrase ‘Passionpreneur’ to describe all those individuals who seek their passion and build a successful business around it.[3]

WIth this in mind Dev proceeded to curate a flagship program called the ‘Passionpreneur Mastermind’ which is a unique program designed to mentor individuals through the journey of entrepreneurship (or passionpreneurship). Dev then offered this program to the public through the erstwhile Dev Gadhvi Enterprise which was established in April, 2018 and has since been renamed to Dev Gadhvi Creation Pvt Limited.[4]

Within a short time, more than thousands mentees were mentored to become Passionpreneurs by exploring a plethora of business opportunities for which they were most passionate. Within a short span of two years, Dev’s popularity skyrocketed and he was soon sought after by the masses. He started receiving invitations to speak on various national and international platforms, his social media content went viral and soon he had garnered a reputation that was unparalleled. All of this made him a recognizable mentor, consultant and he is widely known as an expert at catalyzing people to quit their 9-5 and mentoring them to build their businesses around their passion. In 2020, Dev was acknowledged as a widely recognized TEDx, JoshTalks, an international speaker, one of the highest-paid Influencers in India. Within a span of just 2 years since quitting his own 9 to 5 job, Dev became a millionaire with practical and proven results. Over the past five years, he has impacted over 150,000+ people worldwide through his books, content, programs, seminars, webinars & workshops.[5]

Dev has authored two best-selling books: 80% Mindset, 20% Skills, and 6 Sundays a Week Life.[6] Through the book 80% Mindset 20% Skills, he shares his journey and secrets to success in a step-by-step manner. 6 Sundays a Week Life highlights quitting the 9 to 5 job, and becoming a passionpreneur.[7]

Dev continues to wear many hats and one the major highlights was the rap song, "Entrepreneur Wala Khoon" released in October 2022. This song has been written, sung and performed by Dev himself and the purpose is to inspire people to quit their mediocre mindset and follow their passion and purpose.

Dev is one of India’s leading YouTubers. He regularly shares business ideas, social media strategies, and other mentorship content through his YouTube channel. Dev hosts a weekly podcast show named "Passionpreneur Podcast," where he shares insights and talks about passion, sales, entrepreneurship, speaking, money, and other relevant topics alongside some guests. He has interviewed renowned personalities such as Patrick Bet David, Dan Lok, Evan Carmichael, and Tony J Hughes on his show. Dev has amassed over 181K subscribers to his channel and the numbers continue to grow.[8]

However, despite all the success and the accolades, Dev firmly believes in adding more value to people’s lives and he continues to invest in his self-development to ensure that he can effectively do so. He continues to run his businesses based on the values that were instilled in him by his parents. His team today stands at 60+ individuals who share in his mission and vision and together, they are creating an impact in the world.[9]


  • 80% Mindset 20% Skills (2018)
  • 6 Sundays a Week Life (2020)

Personal life

Dev currently resides in Dubai, UAE.

In the media



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