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Compare Forex Brokers
IndustryFinancial services
Founded2014; 9 years ago (2014)
  • Justin Grossbard (CEO)
  • Noam Korbl (COO)
Number of locations
Key people
  • David Levy
  • Riley Adams

Compare Forex Brokers was founded on October 19, 2014, by Justin Grossbard[1] and Noam Korbl as a unique platform comparing brokers in the CFD and Forex Trading industry.[2] Compare Forex Brokers is best known for introducing the industry’s first spread comparison tool and forex fee calculator[3].

Headquartered in Melbourne, Australia, the company, has expanded from its Australian focus to cater to other international markets including the UK, Canada, Singapore, UAE, USA, Malaysia, Philippines and South Africa. It has become one of the leading comparison platforms available in the FinTech industry.


Compare Forex Brokers was established in November of 2014 as Australia's first broker comparison website. Following their success with this feature, they launched complete review pages for forex brokers in March 2015, focusing on essential features such as spreads and forex trading platforms.

In November 2017, they created Broker vs. Broker comparison pages to help individuals compare renowned brokers while looking for the best broker for them. In November 2019, Compare Forex Brokers included a function that allowed traders to compare spreads between brokers. This module displayed the average monthly spreads for significant currency pairings for brokers. A year later, Compare Forex Brokers created the first-ever forex calculator to compare trading costs by brokers, currency pairs, and volume.[4]

The company since its inception has expanded its reach to major forex markets and brokers outside of Australia including the United Kingdom, South Africa, United Arab Emirates, Canada, Singapore, the USA, Malaysia, Philippines and New Zealand. As of 2022, Compare Forex Brokers is led by Justin Grossbard who serves as the CEO, and Noam Korbl who serves as the COO.

Products and services

The major purpose of Compare Forex Brokers is to simplify the process of picking a forex broker.

The platform offers an extensive list of forex brokers to choose from, and to help with that, it includes spread comparison modules that are updated monthly and allow spread comparison between brokers.[5]

Another prominent feature includes a bespoke commission + cost tool, which helps users to calculate the spread plus commission fees when they establish a new trading position.[6]

Compare Forex Brokers also have a tool called the broker comparison table, which allows users to evaluate the unique features of different brokers using head-to-head comparison tables.

Regulatory Background and issues has an AFSL license and is an Authorised Representative of Guildfords Funds Management Pty Ltd. The AFSL number is 471379.[7] In February 2021 the Financial Markets Authority in New Zealand issued an alert that local residences may feel the comparison was done by the FMA.[8]

Locations Covered

Compare Forex Brokers initially covered only Australia under the domain name[9] In 2020 the site switched to and targeted additional regions including UK, Singapore and NZ.[10]


In 2021 the site was the first to launch a propriety calculator. This calculated the costs of trading factoring in spreads and commissions costs.[11][12] The methodology used by the site factors in three different account types and calculates the costs on a monthly basis.[13]


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