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Bryce Purnell
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BornOctober 22
Port Macquarie
  • Yuu Sushi Train
  • Learn Laugh Speak

Bryce Purnell is an Australian entrepreneur best known as the founder of Yuu Sushi Train, a Japanese-style eatery, and Learn Laugh Speak, an online academic school. Purnell was named the Best New Business Finalist in 2013 in NSW, Australia.

Early life and education

Purnell grew up in a small town in Australia, working in his father's various businesses. Since his early days, Bryce was either seen working in the cafe or cleaning in the early mornings. He has also been an enthusiastic football player at the state level. Purnell has always been hard-working and bought a house early in life at 18.

Purnell attended Port Macquarie Public High School and later pursued his Bachelor of Business Administration at the University of Sydney. However, he dropped out after three months of studying there.


Purnell began his entrepreneurial journey at 22 with Yuu Sushi Train, a Japanese-style eatery with two franchises and five of its own company stores around Australia. The business model he developed was eventually sold after managing it for six years. Meanwhile, Bryce worked as a General Manager at Rock Pool Dining Group for three years before moving on to Learn Laugh Speak, his online academic school venture.

Through Learn Laugh Speak, Purnell makes fluency in English achievable with the help of AI technology and conventional methodology. His company provides 32,000 student lessons that empower non-native speakers to fearlessly express themselves using the language. Bryce has an innovative approach to learning that has enabled him to build relationships between students.


Purnell was named the Best New Business Finalist in 2013 in NSW, Australia.

Personal life

Bryce currently lives in Mexico with his girlfriend on the outskirts of Cancun and Mexico City. He and his partner split their time between two major cities, serving corporate clients on both sides.

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