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IndustryConsultancy services
Founded2019; 4 years ago (2019)
FounderTyler King
HeadquartersDallas, Texas
Area served
Key people
Tyler King

Assuras is a Texas-based business and management consulting firm solving the world’s toughest problems with the help of technology and innovative solutions. It is best known for eliminating outdated technologies and helping its clients make better business with an efficient problem-solving technique.[1] The company offers services like customer engagement, workplace modernization, product development, lean manufacturing, and marketing and sales for various industries like healthcare, defense, education, private equity, agriculture, aerospace, media and entertainment.[2][3]

Assuras has also been certified by the Great Place to Work in the year 2021.


Assuras was founded in 2019 by Tyler King, the Chief Executive Officer who has 15+ years of experience as a management and technology industry leader. He has attended prestigious universities like Harvard Business School and MIT Slone School of Management. King launched Assuras with the idea of eliminating bias for better results by following the bottom-up approach. Driven by the motto, ‘Better Business Means Better Lives’, Assuras aims to impact communities positively, especially in underdeveloped nations. Their focus is on innovation and eliminating the old ways of doing things. The consulting firm aims to assist its clients from ideation to implementation, integrating cutting-edge technology while taking into consideration a tailor-made approach. It focuses on problem-solving behaviour with utmost efficiency and prior research. The first project of Assuras was assisting an organization in Kenya that worked to provide education for young girls across Africa.[4]


Assuras provides technology solutions in ERP, Infrastructure, and Process Automation. The consulting firm caters to the following industries : Financial Services, Manufacturing, Consumer Products, Private Equity, Retail, Technology, Telecommunications, Healthcare, Defense and Government Services, Education, Insurance, Media and Entertainment, Pharmaceuticals and Medical products, Agriculture and Aerospace. Assuras has worked alongside IBM, Unisys, the Department of Defense, the United States of America, and Danone.[5]


The consulting services provided by Assuras include:

  • Lean Manufacturing- Assuras uses tools like Lean, Six Sigma, and TPS to quickly implement performance improvements, and help companies convert performance gains into sustainable and profitable growth.
  • Agile Management- Assuras helps companies function efficiently by eliminating sluggish bureaucracy, inefficient communication, and common misunderstandings that occur between management and labor.
  • Globalization- Assuras aids MNCs by providing them with services to manage shifting consumer trends and grow alongside emerging competition, both domestically and abroad. Governments around the world can benefit from the company’s analyses when it comes to FDI and investments in potential overseas markets.
  • Analytics- Assuras provides data-driven decision-making services that encompass rapid data analysis and integration; impressive insights, forecasts, and predictions using a range of tools such as industry-leading Business Intelligence platforms.
  • Workplace Modernization- Assuras helps companies ensure seamless communication, effective collaboration, data-driven decision making, and a comfortable remote working setup.
  • Customer Engagement- Assuras provides personalized metrics for its clients helping them boost their customer engagement levels by optimizing content performance.

Other services include Mergers and Acquisitions, Corporate Finance, Performance Improvement, CSR, Innovation and Product Development, Marketing and Sales, Operational Efficiency, and Design Thinking Methodology.

Awards and Milestones

Assuras has been certified by the Great Place to Work in the year 2021. The first project of Assuras was assisting an organization in Kenya that worked to provide education for young girls across Africa. The company was also featured by Business Insider for its work done in African developing countries.[6] Assuras now looks forward to tapping the South Eastern region by moving and expanding its services to India. The consulting firm has recently expanded its capabilities and opportunities beyond just the United States. Next in line for Assuras is to tap the Bangladeshi market which has an impressive rate of development and growth.[7]


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