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Management consulting is the activity of assisting businesses in enhancing their performance via advice and guidance. For a variety of reasons, organisations may turn to management consultants for assistance. These include obtaining external (and supposedly impartial) counsel and having access to the consultants' specific knowledge and experience.

A consequence of their exposure to and interactions with a wide range of enterprises, consulting firms are often knowledgeable about "best practises" in their respective fields of expertise. Transferring such techniques from one company to another, however, may be complicated by the unique characteristics of the scenarios under discussion.

Organizational change management support, coaching skills development, process analysis, technology implementation, strategy formulation, and operational improvement services are some of the services that consultancies may give to their clients. Management consultants often bring their own unique approaches or frameworks to the table to assist the identification of issues and to serve as the foundation for suggestions aimed at achieving greater effectiveness or efficiency in the performance of job duties.