Anthony Joseph Abou Jaoude

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Anthony Joseph Abou Jaoude
Anthony Joseph Abou Jaoude.jpg
Kent, Ohio
Alma mater
  • Notre Dame University
  • St. Georges
  • Primestay (CEO)
  • Provident Real Estate (Associate Partner)
  • Top Broker in Dubai since 2018
  • Emaar Top Sales 2020 award

Anthony Joseph Abou Jaoude, professionally known as AJ, is a renowned real estate investor, broker, entrepreneur, podcast host, mentor, and author. He has built a reputation for offering a comprehensive range of services to property owners, while also serving as the CEO of Primestay, a leading holiday home rental company, and associate partner at Provident Real Estate, one of the largest real estate agencies in Dubai, UAE.[1][2][3]

Additionally, AJ is the host of the popular podcast "Dubai Stars" and the author of the bestselling book "Take Charge," providing valuable insights into Dubai's real estate industry.[4]

Jaoude’s remarkable achievements and unwavering commitment have cemented his status as a dynamic and influential figure in the industry, earning numerous accolades, including the prestigious Top Broker in Dubai since 2018 and the esteemed Emaar Top Sales 2020 award. His contributions and industry knowledge have garnered attention from prominent publications such as Disrupt Magazine, Forbes,[5] IBT Times, Khaleej Times, Digital Journal, and NYC Journal.[6]

Early life and education

Jaoude was born in Kent, Ohio, and raised in Al Zalqa, Lebanon. He pursued his higher education at Notre Dame University in Lebanon, where he graduated with a degree in advertising and marketing, accompanied by a second major in psychology.


Following his passion for real estate, he established his own company called MRE961 in Lebanon, which he successfully ran from 2008 to 2013.[7]

In 2014, with just $500, Jaoude relocated to Dubai, drawn by its allure and opportunities. He joined Provident Real Estate as the director of hotel apartments, steadily advancing to become associate director and later associate partner, a role he currently holds.[8]

Despite initial challenges, Jaoude's unwavering passion and commitment have made him a prominent figure in off-plan investment. He is renowned for offering a comprehensive range of services to property owners, including property management, holiday home rentals,[9] interior design, furniture leasing, and various lease options ranging from long-term to short-term, daily, weekly, and monthly. Furthermore, Jaoude has mentored over 300 individuals through his online academy, sharing his expertise and empowering aspiring real estate professionals.[10][11]

In 2017, Jaoude joined Primestay, a leading holiday home rental company that provides exceptional services and attractive returns on properties. As the CEO, he is dedicated to delivering outstanding customer experiences and driving the success of the company.[12]

Jaoude also hosts the highly popular podcast "Dubai Stars," where he interviews inspiring individuals who achieved remarkable success despite humble beginnings. Through the podcast, he shares valuable insights, tips, and strategies, covering their struggles, journeys, and the process of becoming successful in Dubai.[13]

Additionally, Jaoude is the author of the acclaimed book "Take Charge," which became a bestseller on Amazon.[14] In the book, he provides insights into Dubai's competitive real estate industry, including its thriving economy, innovative developments, and government policies. He also addresses the challenges and opportunities present in the current economic climate, offering guidance for real estate professionals to adapt and thrive.[15]

Awards and recognitions

  • Jaoude has been recognized as the Top Broker in Dubai since 2018.
  • He has been credited with the prestigious Emaar Top Sales 2020 award.
  • He has also been ranked among the top five salespeople every quarter from 2017 to date.


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