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Founded2019; 4 years ago (2019)
  • Jonathan Svensson
  • William Westerlund

Almvest is a financial services platform founded by Jonathan Svensson and William Westerlund with the aim to assist people with their financial queries. It operates as a publication space where people can look up in-depth, well-researched data extracted by industry specialists and before making informed decisions which include investing, credit cards, banking, loans, cryptocurrency, and Trading options.[1]

Founders, Svensson and Westerlund have gained attention from multiple prolific media outlets for their entrepreneurial venture - Almvest. Their work has been featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur,[2] Go Banking Rates,[3] Seeking Alpha, and others.[4]


Almvest was established in 2019 by Jonathan Svensson and William Westerlund. The idea was to provide clear and easy-to-follow steps for the readers' questions and eradicate misinformation in the financial sector by making finance and investments easier and simpler to understand.

Svensson is a crypto and fintech expert. Prior to establishing Almvest he also created Altpocket, a bespoke application designed specifically for the crypto market. He also has experience in marketing and SEO. On the other hand, Westerlund is responsible for all the content creation for the Almvest platform and brings to the table his extensive experience as a webmaster and content creator.[5]

Products and services

The articles by Almest are written in such a way that it caters to the needs of beginners with easy-to-follow steps and also the more experienced audience by incorporating thorough information on investments, credit cards, banking, or any other similar financial instruments. Apart from that, the platform also offers a unique stock comparison tool on its website.


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