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TopBeautyBlog, YouPartnerWSP (VSP Group)
IndustryMultichannel network
Founded2011; 11 years ago (2011)
  • Artyom Geller
  • Mikhail Shaposhnikov
  • Alexander Shaposhnikov
  • Ilan Troyanovsky

Yoola is a media company that provides brands and influencers with professional solutions. It is one of the biggest multi-channel networks with YouTube certification around the globe. In a short span of time, it has established itself as one of the top 5 international video network platforms, and is the leader in the Eastern Europe video blogging industry.[1] Yoola collaborates with content producers and brands from all over the world, providing them with the resources, tools, and services they need to produce new and current content; expand their businesses; and sell their events, products, and experiences.[2][3]

Yoola was founded in 2011 and is currently headquartered in Haifa, Israel. The company manages over 5000 channels and drives billions of monthly views through its network. Yoola helps its partners monetize their video content, works closely with creators to create better content, provides technical support and assists them in their legal issues related to copyright strikes.[4]

Yoola works alongside top international creators and influencers to develop new products, brands, content, and experiences.

Nastya Radzinskaya, one of the biggest YouTube stars with more than 220 Mln subscribers on her Like Nastya channels,[5] was repped by Yoola in 2017.[6] As part of the partnership, in addition to creating an empire of localized channels in different languages Yoola has arranged for Nastya family a number of deals including: Nastya signed her first exclusive global licensing agreement with IMG,[5] has pacted with Will and Jada Pinkett Smith’s Westbrook Inc.[7] to develop a slate of animated projects, the NFT collection, dubbed Nastya’s Originals co-created with Vaynerchuk’s NFT development consultancy,[6] VaynerNFT and contracts with Spinmaster, Barbie by Mattel.[8]

The company’s first venture was co-founded with award-winning actor/director, philanthropist and entrepreneur Ian Somerhalder, an innovative natural energy beverage in China.[9][10]


Yoola was founded in 2011 by the Israelis Artyom Geller, Mikhail Shaposhnikov, Alexander Shaposhnikov, and Ilan Troyanovsky. Initially, the founders worked with fashion content and later created their own multi-channel network on YouTube. It was initially founded as TopBeautyBlog and has undergone multiple rebrandings as YouPartnerWSP (2012-2017), and at the same time VSP Group (2014-2017), Yoola (2017-present).[11]

In 2014 Yoola partnered with Wargaming.net.

In 2016 Eyal Baumel joined company as CEO. Since 2022 he is the president of Yoola.

In 2018, Anna Gradil, a former YouTube omnichannel employee, joined the company as COO. Since 2021 has moved to the advisor board.

The company initially worked on English video content and soon added German, and Russian languages, which helped them to add more content creators to their network. Yoola captured a significant share in the multi-channel video network when they focused on creating multilingual channels for their creators.[12]

As of 2022, Yoola manages well over 5000 YouTube channels and is known to provide over 15 billion monthly views for its partner network.

11.09.2012 Yoola officialy got MCN status from YouTube.

Product and services

Yoola offers Multi-Channel Networks and Channel Management Service Providers, Talent Representation and music distribution services for video content creators. It has a global media network and affiliate program which allows bloggers to grow their network. It has a multi-channel video network on YouTube, helps its partner to monetize their content and provides a learning process to create better content through one-on-one sessions with their specialists. It also offers technical and legal support to its partner network to help with theft, copyright issues, and challenge any illegal strikes.

Its main areas of focus are content strategy development, channel promotion, and copyright management and protection within the YouTube algorithm.

Yoola also has an Epidemic Sound music library for their partners and helps with video optimization with the VidIQ pro-version program. It connects partners with advertisers and also participates in all major content creator events such as VidCon and Widfest. The partners of Yoola network have access to their 7 days a week support team that helps with real time issues.[13]

Yoola helps affiliated creators to explore international opportunities by investing in original productions and channel localization, which means to repurpose existing pieces of content to fit a new market and expand their reach.[14]

For example Sliwki Showcase in China - 2017: Yoola is localizing select influencer videos and distributing them on 10 Chinese social networks, including Weibo, Youku-Tudou (the Chinese equivalent of YouTube) and video messaging app Meipai.

Affiliate program

Yoola has a review process where channels are reviewed by their specialists for a number of indicators including subscribers and views count, content piracy and dynamics of its growth. The channels must have monetization enabled to qualify for its affiliate program.[15]

It rejects channels if there are any copyright violations, dubious activity, and misleading metadata.

When connecting a channel to Yoola, you choose a payment system that is convenient for you and indicate your payment details, the creators receives fee through multiple payment methods.

Yoola is a video network, distribution platform, and development platform that empowers and serves the next generation of artists and fans. It manages more than 5,000 channels, gets more than 15 billion monthly views, and has more than 1000 million subscribers.


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