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IndustryHealth, Tech, Wearables
Founded2019; 5 years ago (2019)
FounderOmar Hassanieh
Number of locations
Area served
Key people
Omar Hassanieh

X-Wrist® is a health-tech brand created by Omar Hassanieh launched in 2019. It is best known for its wearable bands that monitor the key vital signs of the users. X-Wrist, since its launch, has gained recognition for its reward-based system that offers instant gratification and motivation to people to stay healthy.[1]

X-Wrist comes with the most advanced health-measurement and fitness-tracking sensors with an AI-based habit-building system that calculates the rewards for the users based on their performance.


X-Wrist, the world's First value energy companyTM, was launched in 2019. The device was inventeded by Omar Hassanieh. The idea while creating X-Wrist was to impose beneficial, life-improving habits, and for that the brand leveraged machine learning and gamification principles to help people attain their full potential. The rewards hence earned- EVT (Energy Value tokens) are can be spent anywhere contactless payments are accepted.

Since its inception, the brand has launched both an application and a wearable device. The X-Wrist application is compatible with iOS and Android phones as well.

Products and services

X-Wrist, since its inception, has launched a range of technologically advanced products that cater to the needs of both the consumer market as well as the corporate market. X-Wrist Health & Fitness Wearable is specifically designed for individuals that help users keep track of their fitness on the other hand Employee Wellness and Customer Loyalty are the corporate solutions. X-Wrist calculates a variety of health monitors including EEG, PPG, body temperature, heart rate, blood oxygen, blood pressure, and respiratory rate.

The technology also facilitates fitness tracking of the users covering differing parameters such as step count, calories burned and distance covered to name a few. This service also has an option of monitoring off intake as well as a smarter workout feature.[2]

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