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For profit
Founded2021; 1 year ago (2021)
HeadquartersLos Angeles, California, United States

Winden is an LA-based fintech company established in 2021. Its main feature is offering bank accounts and banking services to budding entrepreneurs and startup businesses. Winden has gained recognition for its unlimited credit card and cashback service options with zero fees.[1]

The idea behind the inception of this platform was to propel the growth of the global internet economy by helping young entrepreneurs gain financial freedom. Since its inception, the company has partnered with Visa and Blue Ridge Bank for its transactions and financial operations.[2]


Winden was launched in early 2021 with the aim to help affiliate marketers get access to a range of offers supporting their advertising expenditures, ultimately helping them gain financial freedom.[3]

Within a short period of time, Winden has received investments from a wide range of investors who have also invested in companies like stripe, ramp, coinbase, and SoFi. It has also developed a team of industry experts who value critical thinking, craftsmanship, obsessive curiosity, intellectual honesty, and are customer-centric.[4]


Unlimited Cash Back Deal

This feature ensures that the users get a certain cashback on making each transaction via the Winden card. This feature was curated specifically for entrepreneurs spending hefty amounts on advertisements - giving 1 - 3 percent back depending on the expenditure.[5]

Zero Fee

Winden implements a zero free policy while opening an account, keeping an account open, depositing, transactions, or transferring.[6]

Unlimited Credit Card

The Winden credit card comes with no limitations, making it easier for marketers to make payments of any amount is seamless and fast. Moreover Winden also has a no credit check policy making it easier for entrepreneurs to secure capital for their businesses.

Instant Payments

This feature eliminates the need to wait up to five business days for payouts. Instead, the users can get your revenue from payment processors and other major platforms early which ensures a steady cash flow.[7]

Card controls

The users can customize each virtual card’s daily and monthly spending limits with this feature and also facilitates easy management of all of the transactions. Moreover all the transactions are FDIC-insured for up to $250,000.

Cash Management

The cash management system in the users’ Winden dashboard lets them create sub-accounts for their main account which can be used to allocate funds for major expenses, vendor payments, or payroll. Winden also facilitates tax automation by putting a percentage of all incoming deposits into a separate reserve account.

Free One-on-One Coaching With Experts

Winden offers free one-on-one coaching sessions (15 to 30 minutes) with experts in growth, finance, marketing, and more. Specific topics covered include sales, digital marketing, and SEO.


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