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Trading Cafe India
IndustryOnline Education
Founded2015; 8 years ago (2015)
  • Aakash Patel
  • Chinmay Dudhane
Area served

Trading Cafe India is a leading trading education institute best known for helping people generate consistent income through the share market. Trading Cafe India was founded with the sole objective of educating the average man about the massive profits that can be gained from the stock market using proven tactics. They specifically wanted individuals to learn an alternate avenue of making money.[1]

Trading Cafe since its inception has gained mass recognition for its unique approach and has been featured in multiple media outlets for facilitating bespoke educational services such as Hindustan Times,[2] Business Standard,[3] IBT,[4] Deccan Herald,[5] Daily Hunt,[6] and others.


The company was founded by Aakash Patel and Chinmay Dudhane in 2015 with the aim to build a thriving trading community that has access to well-researched data and statistics to make informed investing decisions. Founders, with extensive experience in the stock market investing soon, began sharing their expert opinion on intraday trading on various social media platforms - mainly Instagram. Eventually, the company expanded its portfolio to cover futures & options of stocks/Indices, commodities, and Forex.[7]

Apart from that, Trading Cafe India has also massively contributed to eradicating the stigma prevalent in the Indian subcontinent concerning the stock market and creating a knitted trading community in the process.


Trading Cafe India offers financial education with its mentorship program that is accompanied by Tredcode a master tool in order to help people get insightful information along with consulting from industry experts to make informed decisions while trading in the stock market.

Tredcode provides a bird eye view on the entire market and focuses on the best stocks/sector for the day with presence of market makers. So you will always trade along with big players. With the R-Factor feature, Trading Cafe highlights the most profitable stocks using its statistical and mathematical model. The mentorship program is stretched over two months and is conducted online. Mentorship program offers a 100% practical approach and live sessions for proper guidance.

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