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Born (1992-03-06) March 6, 1992 (age 30)
Alma materYork University in Toronto
OrganizationDivine Intervention Entertainment

Mahmoud Shehada (born March 06, 1992), better known by his stage name TheRealMood is a Palestinian-Canadian serial entrepreneur, investor, rapper, and influencer. TheRealMood is the founder of a number of firms operating in the real estate, entertainment, marketing & advertising, financial services, and e-commerce sectors, such as Allegoria Capital,[1] Bay Business Center, Ascalonia Holding Company, Mood Properties, Trigono Developments, and others.

TheRealMood is best known for investing in startup companies and helping them with business development.[2] TheRealMood has developed various business concepts throughout the course of his career and has been successful in attracting investors to help take businesses from conception to rapid development and profitability. He also serves on the board of numerous entities where he gives strategic direction as an industry specialist and assists in making crucial decisions.[3]

TheRealMood recently debuted in the music and entertainment industry with the release of his song Mind Right. Prior to that, he has been sharing his informative content-based videos on YouTube, which gained him substantial popularity. He is also the founder of Divine Intervention Entertainment, a leading influencer, event management, and e-sports company based in the UAE.[4]

Early life and education

TheRealMood was born on March 06, 1992 as Mahmoud Shehada. After completing his high school education, he enrolled in the Michigan State University where he pursued a bachelor’s in Business Administration. TheRealMood decided to acquire a bachelors’ degree in Business Economics from York University.

In 2016, TheRealMood enrolled in a Oqood Master Program at the Dubai Real Estate Institute. In 2017, he did a certification course in real disruption and real estate at MIT. In 2018 and 2020 TheRealMood went to Harvard Law School for a year-long courses in private equity & venture capital, investment and contract law. In 2021 he did another certification course in Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies at UC Berkeley.


TheRealMood started his career in 2011 while he was studying at York University. He founded the Glendon College Stock Market and Forex Student Union. He served as the executive director of this Union for over a year, during which he was also a chief spokesperson and oversaw all events held by the Council. In 2012, TheRealMood joined Virgin Mobile Canada as a sales associate. He worked part-time with this firm being a sophomore college student for eight months.[5]

In 2014, TheRealMood co-founded Divine Intervention Entertainment, an influencer & event management, and e-sports company operating in the UAE and MENA region.[6] Divine Intervention will also create a new media platform named CasaDeBros, which will focus on sports, fitness, pop culture, music, business news, and other topics from the Middle East. He also serves as the board member of this company. In the same year he also co-founded Allegoria Capital, a holding company operating in the marketing & advertising, financial services, real estate, e-commerce sectors.

In 2015, TheRealMood co-founded Bay Business Center (Inner Circle), a business development firm based in UAE. He was able to gather $2 million to launch The Inner Circle,[7] a concept inspired by the Startup Revolution movement that originated in Dubai. He currently serves as the managing partner of this company helping entrepreneurs scale their businesses. In the same year he also co-founded Ascolonia Holding Company.

In 2016, TheRealMood also co-founded Trigono Development, a real estate firm headquartered in Dubai. He currently serves as the CEO of this company known for providing modern designed homes across Dubai. Trigono's most recent project, The 50, a 60-unit residential building is located in Majan, Dubai. In the same year he also became the CEO of Mood Properties, another leading real estate firm operating under the Allegoria Capital umbrella. In 2017, TheRealMood started working at Strategic Investment Capital as a senior executive officer, where he stayed for over two years.

Apart from that, TheRealMood is also a renowned content creator[8] known for his humorous YouTube videos. In 2021 he also released Mind Right under the alias TheRealMood. It is his debut song, which is available on all music streaming platforms such as Apple Music, Spotify, Anghami, Deezer, YouTube Music, Soundcloud, and others.

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