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Swordfish Software
IndustryDebt Collection Software
Founded2004; 20 years ago (2004)
FounderJacques Lubbe
HeadquartersSummit Place Office Park, Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa
Area served
South Africa, Namibia, Botswana
Key people
  • Jacques Lubbe (CEO)
  • Carice Viljoen (COO)
  • Juan Swanepoel (CIO)
  • Pedri Oosthuizen (CTO)
Number of employees

Swordfish Software is a South Africa-based privately owned company known for offering bespoke scalable debt collection software and system integrations.[1] It was created in 2004 by Jacques Lubbe, who currently serves as the CEO. The company has gained recognition for helping SMEs and corporations with workflow process automation.[2]

Swordfish Software, since its inception, has become an industry leader in comprehensive LegalTech software solutions - the Swordfish Professional, Advanced, and Enterprise packages. The company was also named - The FinTech business to watch by the Baobab Network in 2021.[3]


Swordfish Software originated as an in-house software solution created by founder Jacques Lubbe and his associate, Heinie Groenewald, with the goal of providing the debt collection industry with a cost-efficient yet effective solution to manage their collections activities. Swordfish Software's headquarters are in Pretoria's Summit Place Office Park, and the company also makes use of Teraco Data Environments’ data centers located in Isando and Internet Solutions located in Cape Town.

Early years

Jacques Lubbe teamed together with legal, debt, and IT experts to develop the first Swordfish debt collection software system in 2004. It was a basic, cloud-based system that let clients handle past-due accounts, customer data and contracts, account distribution, and other debt-related information all from one place.


In no time, Swordfish Software became highly successful because of its continuous improvements in the initial software solution, which was designed to deliver improved efficiency to a variety of collecting devices used in the recovery business. Soon after, the company began developing smart integrations to complement their software and provide greater functionality, clear legal compliance, and reduced need for human interaction.

2021 onwards

In the upcoming future Swordfish Software aims to expand the company's remote working capabilities across Africa and other parts of the world. The company is currently researching new technologies with which they aim to integrate their existing software and ensure that their clients receive stable, cutting-edge software on par with the tech advancements.

Products and services

The primary products offered by Swordfish include:

  • Swordfish Light: This aids small businesses in debtor management, data collection and tracking, contact management, prescription workflows, and automated outsourcing.
  • Swordfish Professional, Advanced & Enterprise: These flagship software, are dynamic systems that provide cradle-to-grave debt collection solutions. Batch processing, work queues, precise tracking and credit bureau reporting, data exchanges, data encryption, MFA, remote cloud access, and other critical aspects of debt collection procedures are included.
  • Software systems - Filefish and Goldfish: These systems are used to provide a holistic human resource management solution as well as a quality evaluation solution.

Apart from these, Swordfish Software also offers multiple integration solutions such as:

  • Archi integration, which is a conversational AI bot that interacts with clients' client bases to answer repetitive questions about financial data, payments, and other topics that would take an agent a long time to answer.
  • Paym8, CPS, EasyPay and OZOW are payment portal integrations
  • To reduce unpaid and contested claims, DebiCheck integration executes debit order requirement authentications.
  • Clients can send single or bulk SMSs via Swordfish Software systems thanks to SMS-partner integrations with Panacea and Infobip.
  • ZETZ - automated voice message integration.
  • T|Forge and Buzzbox are telephony dialler and click-to-dial integrations that enable clients to dial out and capture all calls made through the Swordfish system.
  • PBVerify, a Credit Bureau integration, performs trace or bank verification requests within minutes and receives required data or confirmation.
  • Agents can send instant messages to debtors who are logged in on their account using TalkJS, an internal connection tied to the company's Debtor Portal.
  • Registered Communication and Lleida.net are both completely connected with SAPO systems and enable for the delivery of registered communication by SMS or email.
  • Other interfaces, such as those with the City of Tshwane and the SABC, allow for automated collective data dumps to improve debt collection operations and remove data concerns.

Swordfish Software also provides a value-added service that includes training, digital support guides, an online help desk, and technical consultants who assist with further software adaptations and automation.


Swordfish Software has been lauded in recent years for its exceptional software performance. They were credited by Polity for assisting an anonymous customer in obtaining a High Court Default Judgement as required by the National Credit Act of 2005 [No. 34 of 2005] in collaboration with Registered Communication. After the digitally registered delivery of a Section 129 notice, also known as a final letter of demand, was recognized as the basis for awarding a default judgment in the Pretoria High Court in 2020, the judgment was handed down. Following the decision, Africast and Cii Radio, country’s leading media outlets interviewed Swordfish Software about the role their software had in the case's victory.

Workplace culture

Swordfish Software's slogan, "simplified recoveries software for effortless collections," is based on their empowerment-focused corporate culture, in which they provide their employees with the tools and skills they need to increase workplace productivity and team morale, which in turn empowers their clients to achieve greater success with their software packages.


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