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Steven Phillippe
Born (1991-05-31) May 31, 1991 (age 31)
NationalityAfrican American
CitizenshipUnited States
OrganizationCo-star and business partner- Wimbrey Training Systems LLC
  • Jean Phillippe (father)
  • Paula Phillippe (mother)

Steven Phillippe (born May 31, 1991) is a Black American entrepreneur, best-selling author, influencer, coach, and a full-time writer with a net worth of up to $500,000. He is best known as the co-star and business partner of Johnny Wimbrey, Les Brown, and Nik Halik for Wimbrey Training Systems LLC.[1] He currently has over 100k followers on Instagram alone.

Break Through Featuring Steven Phillippe: Powerful Stories from Global Authorities that are Guaranteed to Equip Anyone for Real Life Breakthroughs is his best-selling book.

Early life and education

Phillippe was born to Paula Phillippe and Jean Phillippe in the city of Orlando, Florida. To obtain his basic education, Phillippe went to Carver Middle School where he didn’t have a pleasant experience owing to events like gang violence. Thereafter, he attended Poinciana High School and later went to Liberty High School where he emerged as the top wrestler.[2] Phillippe had recognized his passion for sports and dance quite early in life. However, upon growing up, he realized that his true passion lies in becoming a high producing entrepreneur. This is when he started studying for countless hours to figure out how to make an impact in the entrepreneurial space. Phillippe got his degree in Associate in Arts before pursuing sales and entrepreneurship.


Phillippe kick-started his career as a Sales Representative, and in eight years of his journey, he turned out to be the best-selling author and made his space in the celebrity world alongside Les Brown, Johnny Wimbrey, and Nik Halik. He extensively followed the teachings of Nik Halik and spent time with celebrity life coach Johnny Wimbrey. Phillippe also gained the mentorship of the renowned motivational speaker Les Brown.

Phillippe worked more than 60 hours per week and heavily invested in personal development, listening to some of the world’s most successful people. He found his way by emerging in the top 10 in sales in his first year, generating $100,000 in profits for the companies he was associated with. Phillippe is also a mentor who has helped people start out at Fortune 500 companies.[3]

Phillippe plans to open up a Digital Marketing and Branding agency in the near future. He is a prolific writer and an influencer who has helped several companies grow their brands.[4]

Awards and Milestones

Phillippe emerged as the top 10 in sales and marketing brands for several companies. He is also a best-selling author who has been featured in Yahoo News, Thrive Global,[5] Newsbreak,[6] The American Reporter,[7] Kivo Daily,[8] US Times Now,[9] NewYork Weekly, Atlanta Wire,[10] Miami Wire,[11] Business From Home, Medium, and many others.

Personal life

Phillippe has two brothers, Kesler Phillippe and Emanuel Phillippe. He also has one sister, Rebecca Phillippe. In his spare time, Phillippe likes to perform hip-hop dances and attend personal development workshops.


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