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Stas Kravchuk
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Born (1987-02-07) February 7, 1987 (age 36)
  • Wraptors Inc.
Spouse(s)Christel Kravchuk

Stas Kravchuk, also known as Stanisiav Kravchuk, is one of the most well-known Russian entrepreneurs who garners attention for his determination.[1] In addition to being the president of Canadian marketing ground and a co-owner of Ambitious Hustlers, he founded and owned Wraptors Inc.[2] This young entrepreneur has accomplished a lot in his life, his work speaks for itself, but his journey hasn't always been smooth. He became one of the most resilient and admirable businessmen ever as a result of his low beginnings and arduous journey. This ambitious, hardworking, intelligent entrepreneur has built the biggest Car Wrap Boutique in Canada in just five years.

Early life and education

Stas Kravchuk was raised in Ekaterinburg, Russia, by his single mother in a low-income household and had to learn the value of money and effective money management the hard way. Stas Kravchuk, who has a constant desire to try everything new, started his car wrapping business at the age of 28.

He has become a successful young entrepreneur at the age of 33, with plans to expand his business further. Stas attended Canterbury high school and continued his higher studies in small business management and enterprise at Algonquin College.


Since he specialized in marketing and small and medium enterprise management, he enjoyed trying his hand at various ventures for the love of businesses rather than the love for money. In the beginning, he had several businesses, including a windows and Doors Company, a clothing niche, a lifestyle brand, a tanning salon, a lounge, and many more. However, his car wrapping business Wraptors Inc was the turning point of his life.

Wraptors is one of a plethora of car-customization shops specializing in vehicle wraps, the current height of fashion for anyone looking to add flair to their ride. Wraptors have expanded their lifestyle brand by wrapping some of the city's most imported vehicles with key influencers.

Things were difficult for Wraptors at first. But once Stas understood the market, he was on a whole different level. He devised a more viable business model that would allow him to expand his territory. Wraptors Inc has been operating from 9 different locations in Canada for five years, which means that Stas Kravchuk opened two Wraptors Boutiques per year on average.[3]

Wraptors is well-known among celebrity artists, business owners, and car enthusiasts for their services ranging from paint protection, vinyl wraps, ceramic coating, and giving your car a luxurious makeover. They currently have 9 locations, including Mississauga, Ottawa, and Miami, and are planning to expand even further.[4]

Wraptors Inc's presence is felt at various Car Shows and Meets, as well as various events organized for car enthusiasts, in addition to their Car Wrapping Boutique Business. According to Stas Kravchuk, it is critical for a company to work on its branding and operations simultaneously.

It takes a lot of effort to have the appropriate perspective, understands how to work toward making money, and devote time and intelligence to it. A guy can attain virtually everything and everything he aspires for if he diligently works day and night to make his goal come true. But a lot of it rests on luck, which is a major contributor to such enormous achievement. One such person with a strong commitment to his Company is Stas Karvchuk.[5]

According to Stas, if people are unaware of our existence, they will not seek our services. However, if we are passionate about our work, we can go to any length to ensure that our Company succeeds. If a person works hard on their dreams, the public will naturally appreciate their presence which has become the success mantra of the Stas so far.[6]

Stas Kravchuk said he has some great plans for Wraptors that he will implement soon. In an interview, he shared that “He has planned to open new locations and start offering new services after doing a market research.”

Personal life

Stas was born on the 7th of February, 1987. Currently, Stas lives in with his family. His wife is Christel Kravchuk, and he has three children. His oldest son, six years old Maksimus, and four years old twins named Natalya and Dimitri.

After being shot twice and stabbed seven times, he decided to turn his life around and concentrate on helping others, transforming lives, and promoting business success on all levels, mentally, financially, and spiritually.

It is crucial to note that he is the father of three children and values his family just as much as his business. Early in his 30s, Stas Kravchuk made a name for himself as a successful businessman. He enjoys driving his toys, which include a Lamborghini, a G Wagon, and a Rolls Royce.

Stas is like a young businessman in uncomfortable shoes who persists in succeeding despite all the obstacles and hazy phases of conception. He is a person who developed an excellent output from nothing. His current life was planned and plotted in his thoughts and heart. As a source of inspiration, Stas established himself as a top-class entrepreneur.


Stas is a modest example of a guy with a golden heart in addition to his wealth, which makes him one of the most illustrious businessmen of the era. He has given more than $50,000 to help those in need, and his donation proves to be quite valuable in this time of need. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic the entire world is experiencing, he nevertheless stepped forward to assist the less fortunate. Being a paragon, he has taught everyone many lessons and is one of the most inspirational CEOs.

Stas has 60.9K followers on Instagram and 4.9K subscribers on the Toronto Wrapters YouTube channel, where he frequently posts news and videos.



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