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FoundedJuly 2020; 3 years ago (2020-07)
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SpunkGo is an all-girl global student movement that provides free educational webinars to young women across developing countries.[1] Headquartered in the UAE, the organization encourages young women to empower themselves both professionally and personally.[2]

SpunkGo is present in over 20 countries across Africa and Asia and is run collectively by 30 young women who call themselves SpunkGo Ambassadors.[3]


SpunkGo was founded in 2020 by a teenager called Netra Venkatesh, a 15-year-old serial entrepreneur.[4] The organization was found amid the pandemic when all educational institutions were shut down and the world came to a standstill. This is when the young entrepreneur, Netra, decided to bring a positive change in the field of education for young women across the developing world.[5]

The idea struck Netra while interning at a local start-up that focused on digital delivery of services. The seed of entrepreneurship was instilled in her at that time. One day, Netra was attending an online course called Future of the Business World at a prominent university. That gave her a further impetus to educate vast audiences at a low cost using webinars and social media. After receiving support from her friend in Kazakhstan and one in Kenya, Netra successfully launched SpunkGo.[6]

When establishing her venture, Netra envisioned SpunkGo to become a multi-country organization that would focus on helping girls' audiences in developing countries in Africa and Central Asia. She implemented this idea by enlisting student ambassadors across various countries. Recognizing the power of online education, SpunkGo started as a social media conversation and has now grown into a global organization with over 5000 female members in 20 countries. It is run collectively by 30 young women who call themselves SpunkGo Ambassadors.


SpunkGo is a global movement that provides free educational webinars to young women across developing countries. The webinars are delivered by women entrepreneurs and successful professionals across the world to encourage young women to empower themselves and inspire them to grow professionally and personally.

SpunkGo places great emphasis on practical learning and skills as a way to serve society better and empower young women in developing nations. Free Life Skill webinars are organized for young female audiences in developing countries, primarily in Africa and Central Asia.

Since these sessions are focused on women from rural and remote settings who do not have access to on-demand internet, SpunkGo records and circulates the recorded sessions on Whatsapp groups for convenience. To overcome any language barrier, the organization distributes the same with local language voice notes provided by local Ambassadors.

Partnership & Associations

SpunkGo has partnered with the Simbi Foundation, where its members record books for displaced children in Uganda to listen to. The organization also supports an orphanage in the Dandora region of Kenya.


SpunkGo has been crowdfunded by I Fund Women and has 20 chapters globally, spanning from Kazakhstan to Kenya.

Awards and Recognition

SpunkGo’s founder, Netra, was recognised by her inclusion in the Points of Light Inspiration Honor Roll 2022. She also received the renowned Diana Award 2022, given in honor of Diana, Princess of Wales, on her birthday.

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