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Sebastian Cruz Couture
Founded2013; 8 years ago (2013)
HeadquartersParkland, Florida, USA
Key people
Cesar Cruz (CEO)

Sebastian Cruz Couture is an American fashion company founded by couple Cesar Cruz and Natasha Cruz. It was established in 2013 after the name of their to-be-born son Sebastian. It is a Direct-to-Consumer eCommerce luxury menswear brand regarded for its unique bold fashion.[1]

Sebastian Cruz Couture is known for its vast variety of linen pocket squares, jackets, shoes, and accessories. Since its inception, Sebastian Cruz Couture has been worn by several renowned personalities including Russell Wilson, Marcus Scribner, Rami Malek, Ricky Whittle, Mary Fitzgerald, Romain Bonnet, Randy Jackson, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, and several others.[2][3]

Sebastian Cruz Couture has been featured in several media outlets including, Haute Living, LA Weekly, Net News Ledger, Influencive, IB Times, Eurasian Vogue, MSN, Daily Mail, USA Today, and several others.[4][5][6][7][8]

Rickie Cruz and Natasha Cruz serve as the Creative Director of the brand.[9][10][11]


Sebastian Cruz Couture was founded in 2013 by Cesar Cruz and Natasha Cruz. Initially, the company was created with the aim to revolutionize pocket square fashion.[12]The company launched a debut linen collection made of a hand crochet border and a combination of silk. This unique fashion idea was designed to grip the fabric of the jacket and prevent it from slipping. Sebastian Cruz Couture’s idea of the revolutionizing pocket square is patent pending.[13]

To increase their sales and promote this idea, Sebastian Cruz Couture adopted strong social media marketing campaigns including several physical shoots to have a competitive edge and highlight the practicality of their product.The company began by selling the products online via social media platforms and then gradually gained recognition, attracting clients willing to buy their franchise. Within six months the company sold over 25 franchises in the U.S. and 10 international exclusivities.[14][15]

But due to the fraudulent practices by some of their franchise owners, Sebastian Cruz Couture terminated its franchise model in 2016, becoming the sole proprietors of the business.[16] In the same years, the company started manufacturing other products with the help of brand partners. Soon the company reached new heights with the introduction of its viral S by Sebastian White Paisley Dinner Jacket and was even approached by a Chinese factory to take the product in the Chinese market. They later got out of China because of the lack of loyalty and impersonation that was taking place.[17]

In 2017, Sebastian Cruz Couture spread its business in the Italian market as well. And later opened its manufacturing units in Europe and all of their manufacturing is now in Europe and produces all of their fabrics in France, England, and Italy.[18][19][20]


Sebastian Cruz Couture offers a vast range of products including jackets, shirts, vests, trousers, shoes, scarves, cufflinks, belts, bow ties, neck ties, pocket squares and others.[21]

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