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Robert Stravinsky
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Dr. Robert Stravinsky began his career as a physical therapist in Waltham, Massachusetts.[1] Dr. Stravinsky primarily focuses on the treatment of outpatient orthopedics, and he has many years of experience and training under his belt. He is currently working as a physical therapist in Waltham.[2][3]

Early Life and Education

Dr. Robert Stravinsky received his Bachelors of Science degree from the University of Massachusetts Amherst in 2015 in Kinesiology. He went on to attend Boston University, where in 2019 he earned his Doctor of Physical Therapy degree. Impressively, while at Boston University, he presented his academic practicum research at the APTA annual conference.


Dr. Robert Stravinsky works at Professional Physical Therapy in Waltham, Massachusetts as a physical therapist. He specializes in treating outpatient orthopedics, and his career began in Waltham, Massachusetts. He also finished a one year fellowship at the Institute of Orthopedic Manual Therapy, which further honed his talents as a clinician.[4] Today, he has made his journey back to his family in the South Shore, and he is excited to bring his expertise and passion for treating his patients to the area.[5]


Dr. Robert Stravinsky has always had a passion for helping animals. He is involved in many nonprofit animal welfare organizations and is devoted to doing whatever he can to help out our animal friends both locally and in far reaching ways.[6] Further, through the Dr. Robert Stravinsky Scholarship for Healthcare Students,[7] Robert wants to bolster awareness of the difficulties that healthcare students must face, as well as reward a stellar student with scholarship funding on their path to becoming a healthcare provider. [8][9]


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