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Richard Yu
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Richard Allen Yu

(1998-08-19) August 19, 1998 (age 24)
Huntsville, Alabama
CitizenshipUnited States
Alma materUCLA
Height5 ft 9 in (175 cm)

Richard Yu (born August 19, 1998) is an American philanthropist, entrepreneur, and high-performance business coach.[1] He is the founder of The High-Performance Training company and the High-Performance Influencer Programme.[2][3] Yu teaches individuals how to build an internet consulting firm from the bottom up and grow it to six figures and beyond.[4] He is also noted for his social media content that is highly engaging.[5][6]

As a well-known YouTuber who focuses on topics such as how to start an online coaching business, high performance, and spirituality.[7][8] His Youtube channel expanded from 0 to 100K subscribers in 53 weeks and produced over half a million dollars in sales during his first year out of college.[9][10] Yu leverages YouTube to help others start, build, and scale their online coaching businesses.[11][12]

Yu helps his customers build their companies, improve their brand recognition, and increase their return on investment.[13][14] He has gained recognition helping coaches build 6-7 figure businesses and He has received attention for a number of projects and their value propositions that are crucial to his company.[15] Yu is known for his one-of-a-kind business development tactics as well as his ability to teach entrepreneurs how to be successful.[16][17] He focuses on providing professional training and assisting people in attaining financial security through a unique and personalized strategy.[18][19] He has even been featured in numerous media outlets for his exceptional service.[20][21][22]

Early life and education

Yu was born in Huntsville, Alabama, on August 19, 1998. Yu enrolled in UCLA to study Pre-Medicine. Yu recognized his calling was different from volunteering at medical institutes by his second year. In his pursuit of freedom, Yu decided to become an entrepreneur, getting influenced by Joel Marion and Vince Del Monte.


Yu began working for Vince Del Monte, an online fitness coach, as an intern.[23][24][25] Yu rose up the ranks to Chief Operations Officer in less than a year, during his final year of college.[26] Yu helped Del Monte's team go from $100k per month to $300k per month in his first year out of college.[27]

In 2017, Yu began his entrepreneurial journey with the establishment of Generosity Designs, a philanthropic jewelry company known for offering custom jewelry pieces.[28][29] With the aim to give back to society, the company donated 25% of all sales to a charity of the customer's choice.[30][31] A year later, Yu also started Generosity Cash, which became the only ATM distribution company in the entire United States to donate its surcharge fees back to the charity of the customer's choice.[32][33] In 2019, Yu left these ventures to start his online coaching company.[34][35][36]

Yu launched The High-Performance Training / 7 Figure Mastermind / Entrepreneur Sidekick at the age of 21.[37][38] Through Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram, he organically developed his business.[39][40] Yu made his first $500k within eight months of his launch.[41][42] In 2020 Yu started a business coaching program called High-Performance Influencer.[43][44]

Since the launch of his program, Yu has worked with multiple industry experts to scale their businesses.[45][46][47] His company has become one of the most prominent business coaching firms in the area offering professional training to individuals and helping them earn 6-7 figures in a short period of time.[48][49]

In the media



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