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Nicola Smith Jackson
Nicola Smith Jackson.JPG
Born (1973-12-30) December 30, 1973 (age 50)
Hartford, Connecticut
Other namesDame Nicola
OccupationCEO, Founder - Success Strategic Partners, LLC, and Pink Millionaire Club.

Nicola Smith Jackson (December 30, 1973, Hartford, Connecticut), also known as Dame Nicola is an African-American author, speaker, podcaster and wealth coach.[1] Jackson currently serves as the Founder and CEO of Pink Millionaire Club and Success Strategic Partners, LLC.[2] She has over two decade’s experience and is best known for pioneering the concept of money making mindset and help people gain financial independence.[3]

Jackson is a concierge that provides education, resources, and services to empower people to create, protect and grow wealth even in tough economies. She is an enthusiastic and passionate persona known to guide and mentor individuals holistically to create a growth mindset in order to accomplish their life and financial goals. Jackson;s ultimate aim is to help people find and build streams of income based on their purpose while creating a work/life balance. She is the catalyst in helping people discover their full potential by empowering them with financial literacy,[4] money management, and strategies to create passive income streams while fostering economic development.

Jackson has been often covered in media outlets, some of them includes Yahoo Finance,[5] NY Weekly,, London Weekly and many other top publications.[6][7] She is a frequent and active participant and guest on panels, workshops, and radio programs. Through platforms like her 5 Star Podcast “Power Start Your Day”, Jackson has created various resources and avenues to empower women, especially in the Pink Millionaire Club. Anyone can also be a part of the ‘PINKPrint’ which is a wealth education system while you also join the ‘Money Mansion’ which is a financial ascension program that helps individuals connect the dots between the haves and the have nots.[8]

Early life and education

Born to immigrants from Jamaica and Panama, Jackson’s family believed in having a good education. Dame Nicola excelled in school in hopes of becoming an attorney. Later she decided that was not her path, she became a college dropout and then an overworked hairstylist.[9] Hard work has always been the path to success since a very young age for Nicola. This serial entrepreneur has over 25 years of experience in the business and financial industries. Jackson has persevered through many challenges - both personal and professional. This includes burying 3 children by age 23. These hardships turned into an unwavering determination to succeed. After which, Jackson led a multi-million dollar team of agents consisting of tens of thousands in the financial service industry. Overall to date throughout her career, she has worked and led teams with over 450,000 sales representatives globally across 30 countries.


Nicola is a passionate and equally ambitious modern woman who helps create a growth mindset. She empowering individuals (especially women) with financial literacy, money management, and fostering economic development. With her 25 years of professional entrepreneurial experience and time-tested principles, she has helped many individuals become strongly financially independent. So, they can have access to resources to reduce debt, save money, purchase homes, get better employment, entrepreneurial and financial opportunities.[10]

The Pink Millionaire Club

This is a “private tribe” for women around the globe who can use this space to learn how to grow their mindset and money without an ounce of self-doubt in order to create impact. They are particularly encouraged to understand the true path to wealth and what women really need to know about making, managing, and multiplying money without compromising their values or family dynamics.[11]

This is a close-knit community for inspiring and uplifting women and entrepreneurs. It’s a safe space for women to accelerate their goals, unlearn limiting beliefs so they can implement “time-tested” principles and proven strategies that can help them create financial intelligence and independence.[12]

The mission is to ensure that you are able to position yourself well in the market by making smarter money moves. By applying the knowledge given one would also learn how to hire the best professionals and transform active income into passive income.[13] The framework is Money Mansion System, a wealth education system that includes: The PINKprint, resources, mentorship, and support your need to build sustainable wealth.

Success Strategic Partners

Success Strategic Partners, LLC, is a global consulting agency that empowers and motivates clients by providing honest, relevant, and innovative information, resources and strategies. Their mission is to help achieve various personal and professional successes that can be developed over time. This also includes lessons on financial literacy to decrease the risk factor and increase the results. While they help identify opportunities through key relationships required in particular markets, they also communicate on behalf of the clients.

Recognition and partnerships

  • Certified Coach, The John Maxwell Team
  • Certified Life Coach, Wainwright Global Institute of Professional Coaching
  • Certified Professional Coach through Strategic Learning Alliance
  • Instructor, Business School Accelerated®
  • Money & You® Graduate 2013
  • Tony Robbins Platinum Partner
  • Governor Appointed Arkansas Traveler Ambassador
  • Built a 9-Figure Financial Services Business
  • Earned the highest position of Pinnacle Senior Vice President in company history, 2019
  • Counted among top 20 Network Marketers in the World
  • Inducted in the Million Dollar Hall of Fame as one of the Most Powerful Women in Network Marketing[14]
  • Southern Regional Director for Worldwide Association of Small Churches and Worldwide Association of Small Business
  • Chozen Awards 2010 Entrepreneur of the Year
  • Texas Women Empowerment Foundation (TWEF) 2012


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