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Podcast is a sequence of spoken-word digital audio files that are downloaded to a personal device and then played back on the computer. It is possible to manage a personal consumption queue across a variety of podcast sources and playback devices using streaming software and podcasting services, which are both easy and integrated.

A podcast series is often comprised of one or more recurrent presenters who are involved in a debate about a certain subject or current event on a regular basis. A podcast's discussion and material may vary from meticulously prepared to wholly improvisational, depending on the format. With theme issues ranging from scientific research to slice-of-life journalism, podcasts blend complex and aesthetic sound production with thematic concerns. An related website for many podcast programmes includes links and show notes, guest bios, transcripts, supplementary resources, discussion on the show's subject, and even a community forum devoted to debating the show's content.

The cost to the user is minimal, since many podcasts are available for free download. Some are subsidised by businesses or supported by organisations, with commercial adverts appearing on the screen. Alternatively, a podcast might be a commercial endeavour backed by a mix of several revenue streams such as a paid membership model, advertising, or product delivery after purchase. Because podcast material is often provided for free, podcasting is frequently referred to as a disruptive media, one that is detrimental to the continuation of existing business structures.