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Ricardo Alexander Neeley

(1973-08-09) August 9, 1973 (age 50)
Musical career
Background information
Also known as
  • Nrbarz
  • Delyricks
  • Barz Noble
  • Noble Barz
  • Pop
  • Electronic
  • Vocals
  • keyboards

Ricardo Alexander Neeley (born August 9, 1973), professionally known as NRBARZ, (formerly Noble Barz) is a Bahamian hip-hop artist, actor, poet, lyricist, songwriter, and entrepreneur.[1][2] As an independent artist, he is best known for his persistent clarity in wordplay and his faith-based approach to writing each song, both of these have significantly contributed towards the expansion of his music collection.[3][4][5]

NRBARZ has been a part of the industry since 2003 and has been credited with The Akademia Music Award for the best hip-hop music video for the song Rainset from his solo album “S.C.O.A.P”. He has also been featured in several leading publications and magazines including Disrupt,[6] Bahamas Weekly,[7] REDX Magazine, The National Era,[8] and MusicBrainz.[9][10] His music can be found streaming on all major music platforms including Spotify, YouTube, and Apple Music.[11]

Early life and education

NRBARZ was born on August 9, 1973, Bahamas, Island of New Providence. He was raised by a single mother and had a childhood filled with challenges and struggles. He began developing an interest in music at an early age and credits his mother being his greatest influence and inspiration. He grew up listening to songs by renowned musicians such as Vanessa Bell, Ray Goodman, Armstrong, and several others. NRBARZ graduated from the University of Bahamas, formerly the College of the Bahamas.

NRBARZ’s early music works include his engagements with a group named United, which later joined the FAM Records roster and was featured on the DA FAM - We Are a Family compilation album. After the group members separated their paths, NRBARZ pursued his career as an independent music artist.


NRBARZ started his career under the former stage name Delyricks. Under the name, he worked on several compilation projects such as “The New Breed” and “The Dunamus Ball” under the label Dunamus Soundz records.[12][13]

In the year 2013, NRBARZ released his first solo project “Symphonic Signatures” produced by Theotopia Notes Publishing.[14] The album was successful in achieving six nominations from the Caribbean Gospel Music Awards and gained national and international recognition through various media outlets. Following the success, he released several other albums and singles including “S.C.O.A.P” (Soul Chapters of a Poetic), “Fantasy”, “Trusting” and several others. His recent release “T.S.I.R” (The Struggle is Real)[15][16][17] produced and distributed by Theotopia Notes Publishing is a compilation of 10 tracks. NRBARZ is known to have collaborated with several artists such as Solo, Sketch, Philocypha, and NivandrisLyriic for several songs of the T.S.I.R album. NRBARZ is also known to have worked through several collaborative ventures such as “Rainset”, “Funkanoo”, “21/7 Mixtape”, and “Sheep in Wolves Clothing”.

NRBARZ's music style is greatly influenced by his surroundings. He is known to deliver a relatable story through his compositions and musical instruments. His music genres range from hip-hop, rap, electronic, and pop. Over the years, he has been producing alluring music compositions throughout these genres.[18][19]

Awards and recognitions

  • NRBARZ’s album S.C.O.A.P has been credited with The Akademia Music Award for the best hip-hop music video for the song “Rainset”.[20]
  • Virgin Spring Cinefest - 47TH Monthly Season, AWARD WINNER , 2021 - "Around The Bend"
  • Florida Beach International Film Festival - Season 10 - BEST MUSIC VIDEO -"Around The Bend"
  • Mokkho International Film Festival - 11th Season, Best Lyricist - "Call Of Duty" (Video)
  • Royal International Film Festival 2022 - "Can I" (Video), Luis Bunuel Memorial Award -25th Season -"Call of Duty" (Video)
  • RunDoc Film Festival - National Creative Arts Foundation 2022, Film Talent Award - "Call of Duty" (Music Video)
  • Cannes Shorts Film Festival - Trophy Award Best Music Video Nominee, "Around The Bend" (Music Video)
  • INDEPENDENT STAR FILM AWARDS, Independent Star Film Awards 2022 - "Can I" (Video)
  • Tokyo International Short Film Festival 2022, Award Winner - "Around The Bend" (Music Video)




  • Symphonic Signatures (2013)
  • SCOAP - Soul Chapters of a Poetic (2018)
  • TSIR - The Struggle is Real (2021)[22][23]

Collaborative Albums/Singles

  • Trusting (2014)
  • 21/7 Mixtape (2017)
  • Sheep in Wolves Clothing (unreleased)
  • Funkanoo (2018)
  • Rainset (2018)

In the media



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