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A poet is a person who writes poetry and publishes it. Whether they identify themselves as poets or are labelled as such by others, poets are defined as those who write poetry. A poet may just be a poet who writes poetry, or they may choose to perform their craft in front of an audience.

It is a fictionalised postmortem portrait of Slovak poet Janko Krás (1822–1876), which is intended to be an idealised romanticised representation of "what a genuine poet should look like" in Western society. Poets' job is fundamentally one of communication, whether they are conveying ideas in a literal sense, such as writing about a particular event or location, or in a metaphorical one, such as via poetry.[1] Throughout history, poets have existed in almost all languages and have created works that are vastly diverse in style and content depending on the society or era in which they lived. Poets have used a range of styles that have evolved throughout the course of literary history, resulting in a history of poets that is as varied as the literature that has been created by each civilization and language.


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