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Mark Mariani
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OrganizationMark Mariani Inc.

Mark Mariani is an artist, designer, and property developer with a deep connection to the natural world. He founded the landscape and home design firm Mark Mariani, Inc.and has spent over 40 years creating, designing, and developing his gardens that have defined his award winning career.[1][2] Mariani is based in the Armonk and Greenwich area.

Early Life and Education

Mr. Mariani spent much of his childhood observing the world from the tops of trees. Mark taught himself to drive at 9 years old and used the skill to get to his daily job of locking the neighborhood cemetery gates as well as other seasonal jobs. At 21, he founded his own company and has been creating gardens inspired by nature’s beauty ever since.


After starting up Mark Mariani, Inc., Mark's career in landscape design and development took off. Forty years later, Mr. Mariani continues to honor the roots of his inspiration by nature in each and every new project. Having an award winning eye, his style continues to motivate other artists in surrounding areas.[3]


Mark Mariani is as passionate about his charity work as he is about his designs. He is constantly finding new ways to get involved in his local communities and to use his talents to help others.

Mr. Mariani also founded his Mark Mariani Scholarship for Entrepreneurs in order to give scholarship funding to a student who is working hard to study and enter a career in entrepreneurship.[4]


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