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A designer is a person who designs the shape or structure of anything before it is built, usually via the preparation of drawings or blueprints, which are then implemented.

Generally speaking, a designer is someone who produces physical or intangible things such as tangible or intangible things such as tangible or intangible items, goods, processes, regulations, video games, visuals, services, and experiences.

Historically, architecture was considered to be the most important field of design, and it was recognised as the most important art form. Clothing, furniture, and other common objects were designed mostly in accordance with tradition or by craftsmen who specialised in handcrafting such items.

In today's society, the complexity of industrial design is increasing. This is due to the demands of mass production, where more time is typically associated with higher costs. As a result of these demands, production methods have become more complex, as have the methods by which designs and their production are created. The classical areas are now subdivided into smaller and more specialised domains of design (landscape design, urban design, interior design, industrial design, furniture design, fashion design, and much more) according to the product designed or perhaps its means of production. However, despite the wide range of specialties available within the design business, all of them have some characteristics in terms of the approach, talents, and working techniques.