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Maggie Bellevue
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Margufta Bellevue

(1978-12-19) December 19, 1978 (age 45)
CitizenshipUnited States
EducationBachelor of Science in Psychology
Alma materGwynedd Mercy University
  • Treasures International
  • Kingdom Empowerment International Ministries
Height5 ft 3 in (160 cm)
  • Magofy Bellevue
  • Carmel Bellevue
RelativesArnold Polection (uncle)
  • Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award
  • Kingdom Chamber of Commerce Award

Maggie Bellevue (born 19 December 1978) is an American serial entrepreneur, international speaker and author.[1][2]

Famously addressed by the epithet, 'Apostle of Purpose',’ Maggie Bellevue, also fondly and popularly known as 'Pastor Maggie',' is a Christian minister, international speaker, women’s advocate and transformational leader.[3] Employing the platform of her Kingdom Empowerment International Ministries, she has creatively deployed her vocation as a minister, not only to spiritually empower people, but to also help them identify their life’s purpose, and to propel them towards manifesting that purpose. Maggie Bellevue’s pre-eminent preoccupation as an 'Apostle of Purpose' becomes evident in the tools she is employing to fulfill her mission. She has emerged, in recent years, a major force for transformation in the lives of many, through personal development seminars that are uniquely designed to help them identify their life’s purpose, and to live in that purpose. Additionally, she has authored a series of books, known as ‘The Purpose Series,’ on the subject of 'Purpose,' principally to provide a solid intellectual and theological platform that will power the vision for her ministry work over the next ten years. To add an audiovisual component to that vision, she has only recently established a YouTube channel called 'The Apostle of Purpose.' Maggie Bellevue authoritatively teaches that purpose is what gives meaning to our existence by offering us the sense of direction that guides our behavior and paths in alignment with our goals and objectives. She teaches that we need to live with a mission that both fuels our motivation and gives our life meaning in such a way that we are inspired to make a significant contribution to the world. She declares that the greatest miracle in life is the discovery of true purpose. The second greatest miracle is the faithful pursuit of that purpose, for with it comes true happiness, wealth and fulfillment.

Early Life And Education

Maggie Bellevue was born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, to a pastor father and a Sunday school teacher mother, who also doubled as the Director of an orphanage. Paradoxically, her very early years were characterized by intense negativity towards the church because she felt the church constituted a gulf between her parents and herself. With a father that was on seemingly interminable missionary trips, from one region to the next, by the time Maggie arrived college, she had resolved that she would have nothing to do with Christian ministry. Yet, even though she tried to elude ministry, ministry was obviously intent on not eluding her, as she somehow found herself inexorably drawn to serve in youth and young adult ministry, and throughout her college years, she would serve as a Youth Pastor.

Her sustained exposure to youths totally altered her perspective into one in which, rather than see them as a project, she began to see herself as a project that had to be worked upon, such that she would be able to truly love and serve others. That, in itself, motived her to enroll in a seminary to pursue a degree course that would equip her for effective ministry. Yet, in her own words, “I attempted to thwart God's call by enrolling for nursing training. The inner wrestle with God continued, until one night when I finally succumbed to the conviction that my Divine call to ministry was as irrevocable as it was unavoidable.” Shortly after this, she enrolled at the Eastern Baptist theological Seminary, now Palmer theological Seminary, to pursue a Master of Divinity degree. That effort, however, was prematurely truncated by a constellation of personal crises and challenges.

Yet, her journey with God continued, as a year later, she became the Pastor of a growing ministry in Northeast Philadelphia, the CEO of Treasures International, a facility devoted to human capacity development and economic empowerment.


Maggie Bellevue is a Christian minister, international speaker, women’s advocate and transformational leader. For the past twenty years, she has traveled throughout Europe, Africa, America, Canada and the Caribbean, sharing God’s word through her Kingdom Empowerment International Ministries, in the process also attending to the socio-economic empowerment of disenfranchised communities and marginalized populations, and advocating for the rights of women and children.[4]

In recent years, she has emerged a major force for transformation in the lives of many through personal development seminars that are uniquely-designed to, not only spiritually empower people, but to also help them identify their life’s purpose, and to propel them towards manifesting that purpose.

She has been privileged to work with many ministries in Nigeria, Haiti, Aruba, Canada, Dominican Republic, and Jordan, in the process discovering that her most potent source of joy is impacting and transforming lives and communities. For instance, she is at the incipient stages of establishing a 28-classroom K-12 Christian school in Haiti. In a nutshell, because she envisages a future rich in work that will strongly impact the spiritual and social lives of people in communities in the less developed parts of the world, the overarching objective of her multifaceted ministry will be the deployment of Christian principles and precepts for accelerated global development on all conceivable fronts.

To provide a solid intellectual, literary and theological platform for her mission as an 'Apostle of Purpose,' In the year 2020, she embarked upon an exciting literary career, as a necessary adjunct to her teaching ministry. To that end, she has written and published the flagship of ”The Purpose Series,” TREASURES OF THE SOUL - Unearthing God's Purpose For Your Life," and then followed up that publication with a series that includes a daily purpose devotional, a daily purpose journal, and a book of daily affirmations and prayers.


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  • Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award
  • Kingdom Chamber of Commerce Award
  • No. 1 Best Seller and Hot No. 1 New Release status in myriad book categories, including Women’s Christian Living, Women’s Spirituality, Leadership, Counseling, Personal Growth, and Religious Reference.

Personal Life

Maggie is Daughter of Magofy Bellevue and Carmel Bellevue. Her brother's name is Gregory Bellevue, and two nieces, Mia and Samantha.


In the media


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