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Leyla Meshkova
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Born (1996-11-02) November 2, 1996 (age 27)
Other namesBusy Bee Mom (Mama s shilom)
EducationLaw Degree, Psychology-Sexology Degree
Years active2018-present
Notable work
Instagram on Credit. (Инстаграм в кредит)
Yevgeny (div. 2020)

Leyla Meshkova, (Мешкова, Лейла Викторовна, born November 02, 1996, Voronezh, Russia). Instagram Influencer with over 3 million followers[1][2][3][4], founder of the digital agency LEYmedia[1][5][6], author[7], psychologist[8][9] and singer[10][11]. Her first alias was "Busy Bee Mom" (Mama s shilom) but later changed her nickname to leylameshkova[12][13].

Early Life and Education

Leyla was born in Voronezh[10]. Her parents met at the university. Her mom is Russian, and her dad is Azerbaijani. Leyla is the only child. While she was growing up she played in KVN, studied dancing, music, loved to sing, and from an early age, she wanted to become an actress[14]. She also liked performing for her relatives when she was young. Her parents divorced when Leyla was three years old.

At school, Leyla was the president of the class. After graduating from high school, Leyla was accepted into Law School[14], although she dreamed of Russian Institute of Theatre Arts|GITIS all her life. Leyla graduated from Law School with honors. After graduation, she was able to get a job at Voronezh regional court.

In 2020, Leyla also obtained a second degree in psychology-sexology[15][16][17].

Personal life

Her ex-husband's name is Yevgeny. He is a military man. They met when Leyla was in court, looking for witnesses of a car accident[18].

In 2018, the couple had daughter named Milena.

Yevgeny supported Leyla when she began her influencer/blogging career, even became an Instagram blogger himself. However, in 2020, the couple decides to part ways[6]. Because of that, Leyla moved to Moscow with her daughter for the remainder of the divorce proceedings. In the end, she stayed in Moscow for good.


After graduating from Law School, Leyla began building her career as a lawyer and she was climbing the career ladder. But then, Leyla was diagnosed with cancer, and subsequently, with infertility. After beating cancer and not giving up on having kids, Leyla gave birth to daughter and was on maternity leave, where she began her Instagram career[19].

When her daughter, Milena, was 3 months old, Leyla decided to become an Instagram blogger. At first, her Instagram blog was used as a diary for her daughter's growth[20]. Leyla had a different approach to Instagram, not only shared tips on childcare but also asked the audience for advice[21].

Then Leyla began to add more and more segments to her Instagram, which were based on her life experience. For example, she gained weight during her pregnancy but was able to get back in shape with fantastic results. And she began to share her experience and best practices for losing weight while being supportive to her readers.

Leyla tried different options to create content, including long captions, professional photoshoots, and videos with young Milena showing her playing games. This has helped with the audience growth, as well as collaborations with other Instagram bloggers and advertising projects. She worked with brands like Philips, Bork and MegaFon|Megafon[22].

Haters didn't pass Leyla either. In addition to the standard set of online bullying, Leya was often told that she was building her feed on illnesses and divorce and "hyping" on them.

During 2020, a lot has happened in Leyla's life. This included: Divorce, her daughter's health, quarantine, a broken leg. But during that year, Leyla also published her book "Instagram on Credit"[7], in which she talks about how to build Instagram followers. At this point, Meshkova's Instagram is a mix of different topics, for example, the children's growth, personal health, weight loss, relationships with men and with the family.

Leyla is also guest blogging[13][16][23][24] and provides expert advices as a psychologist[8][9][25][26].

Recently Leyla recorded a few music tracks[11][27].


Name Released Genre
Белое Сухое (White Dry) 2021 Pop
Psychoses (Психозы) 2021 Pop


Name Publisher Published ISBN
Instagram On Credit (Инстаграм в кредит) AST 2020 978-5-17-127090-2


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