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Juan Lopez Gaines
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CitizenshipUnited States
  • Sankt Gutmann (President, CEO)
  • More Mature Music (co-founder)
  • Poetry Lounge Club (Owner)
  • Unheard Voices (Board member)

Juan Lopez Gaines is an American music artist, poet, radio host, business consultant, and coach. He is a multifaceted personality who has significantly contributed to the world of music and community outreach. He is Co-Founder with Kirk (Aurellies Poe) Jones of More Mature Music, a public relations event specialist at Sankt Gutmann, a board member of Unheard Voices, and the founder of the Poetry Lounge Club.

Lopez-Gaines is an inspiring individual who has dedicated his life to music and community outreach. Through his work with the Sankt Gutmann Club, More Mature Music, and Unheard Voices, he has shown that it is possible to create positive change in the world. He is committed to connecting people from different backgrounds, providing opportunities for youth, and changing how society views incarcerated individuals.

Lopez-Gaines's diverse background and skill set make him well-suited for a range of roles, from project management to artistic endeavors to mentorship and education. He has also served as an on-air producer at The Wild 89.1 FM and an executive project manager at WHEN Work Hard Expect Nothing.

Early life and education

Lopez-Gaines holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from ECPI University and pursuing MBA from Saint Leo University. In addition to his academic achievements, Lopez-Gaines has been involved in various activities and societies, including the Poetry Club and the Mentorship Program. During the mentorship program, he created 3 programs at Maritime Expeditionary Squadron at MSRON DET 3 in Bahrain, Helicopter Combat Squadron Four in San Diego & USS Stout DDG 55 (Ballistic Missile Destroyer). He is currently pursuing a MBA With Saint Leo University.


Lopez-Gaines's journey started in East Orange, NJ when he started bringing blocks together that were fighting with each other. He was neutral and never joined any gangs, any clicks, but built a respectful relationship by defending himself. He hate to fight his way toward respect during his adolescent years and his journey began then but even more when he joined the Navy when he was only 17. Lopez-Gaines completed 14 years and 7 deployments as a Logistics Specialist & Special Programs Coordinator..

He brought 4 friends with him in the Navy and while he was a Navy Recruiter, he recruited and mentored more than 80 people during their transition into the military. Iron Sharpen Iron is the motto. Faith Over Fear is the Key.

As a board member of More Mature Music, Lopez-Gaines's mission is to reach audiences and feed them with positive and uplifting music while educating communities through music. For over 20 years, the music industry has been infested with violence, over-sexualization, and negative thinking and responses. More Mature Music is committed to providing a different light to hip-hop and R&B by creating opportunities for youth and people to create what their souls truly desire instead of following the masses and influencers of negative behavior.

One of the organization's goals is to reach all 50 states and collaborate with community leaders, churches, educators, and people to provide opportunities to the youth so they can enjoy a life where they surround themselves with the right people. By changing the dynamics of how music is delivered, portrayed, and perceived, Juan and his team at More Mature Music hope to create a positive impact on society.

Lopez-Gaines serves as the CEO, brand consultant, and business coach at Sankt Gutmann Club. The club serves as a network that brings together professionals, entrepreneurs, creators, and musicians. It connects people from diverse backgrounds through trusted relationships, partnerships, and events that feature music, poetry, and art. As the president and branding coach of the club, Lopez-Gaines is instrumental in connecting people with the right opportunities and creating a diverse atmosphere for all to enjoy.

Lopez-Gaines is also a board member of Unheard Voices, an organization that serves the incarcerated community and their families as consultants, encouragers, and guides. The program supports any incarcerated individual who would like to create a business, design merchandise, write books, songs, or articles. Unheard Voices connects with the incarcerated community in America, helping them improve themselves as "Better Men and Women" through the Better Man program, which focuses on becoming a better human being.

Lopez-Gaines also founded a poetry website, Poetry Lounge Club, while he was incarcerated, which features the writings of incarcerated individuals across America.

Personal life and influence

Lopez-Gaines has 11 brothers and sisters. His mother who provided for them her entire life was a 26-year retired Sergeant Maria Gaines and his Dad is Ruben Lopez also raised by his step-dad who taught him about Faith Over Fear, which is the main reason he is about to step in front of these communities issues. His step brother, Danny taught him COCAREEF, Maria (Nena) his sister who is also a community advocate, Rube The Difference ( Ruben Lopez ) is his younger brother and also a board member of More Mature Music and artist. Special Admiration for his Abuela (Maria Reyes) who is the family's Matriarch & Pops ( Maurice Gaines) their Leader. Both passed on but are very much alive in spirit through their seeds!

His family is creative and they are blessed. His principles are based on the scriptures and the teachers of Jesus Christ. God is the only reason and source that he is able to manage and create these things. Glory to God.

He also was one of the first people in his community to get married to Jasmine. He met her when he was 13 years old, and later got married and were together for 10 years until they got divorced. Lopez-Gaines has four children Diamond, King, Kairo Ace, and Mimi.

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