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Jordan Sidoo
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Jordan Sidoo is a student athlete; coxswain for his rowing team while in college,[1] a recreational soccer player and fan, and Co-Founder of his own tech company, Inc., which is a new private messenger app. He is also an avid philanthropist and is one of the Directors of the Sidoo Family Giving Foundation. Currently, Jordan is working for Attollo, which is a Vancouver real estate development company.

Early Life and Education

Jordan Sidoo attended school at the University of Cal Berkeley, where he graduated with his BA. Next, he went to Southern New Hampshire University, where he received his MBA degree while working full time. Jordan played many sports while in high school and throughout his college career. His most notable sport during university was rowing, as he landed a spot in his freshman year on the Cal Berkeley rowing club as the teams coxswain.


Currently, Jordan is working for Attollo, a Vancouver based real estate development company. He is also the Co-Founder of Inc., a private messenger app, and has been there since 2016. In addition, Jordan Sidoo is taking on a larger leadership role in The Sidoo Family Giving Foundation.[2]


Jordan Sidoo is the Director of the Sidoo Family Giving, a family foundation whose aim is to give back to their local communities.[3]

Also, in 2022, Jordan launched the Jordan Sidoo Scholarship for Student Athletes,[4] which awards scholarship funding to a deserving student who is involved in athletics during their college career.[5][6]


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