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James Dooley
James Dooley entrepreneur.jpg
Born (1983-09-07) September 7, 1983 (age 40)
CitizenshipUnited Kingdom
  • Promo SEO (Founder & CEO)
  • FatRank (Founder)
  • Searcharoo (Chairman)
Height6 ft 1 in (185 cm)
  • # 1 SEO in the World
  • Most Influential SEO at UK Entrepreneurship Awards 2023

James Dooley (born September 7, 1983) is a British digital entrepreneur, investor, SEO expert, author, and philanthropist known for his significant contributions to search engine optimization (SEO) and online marketing.[1] He is the founder of PromoSEO, a SEO and digital marketing agency, and PromoPixa, a video production company. Additionally, Dooley is the chairman of Searcharoo, a prominent SEO service provider.[2]

Dooley's business portfolio includes associations with various other companies and organizations, including Unistage Ltd., JMD Property Developments Ltd., PromoMedia, Dooley Investments Ltd., Alpha Digital Group Ltd., and Boomtown Gaming Group. He also co-owns and manages Dooley Thoroughbreds, a horse racing syndicate based in Ireland.[3]

As an author, Dooley regularly contributes articles and blogs on sports betting, entrepreneurship, and advancements in SEO. He has also authored "The Art of SEO," a bestselling book. Beyond his written contributions, Dooley is a sought-after speaker at numerous industry events and conferences.[4]

With a career spanning over two decades, Dooley has established himself as a prominent figure in the digital marketing industry. His expertise has earned him recognition as one of the foremost authorities in UK search marketing and SEO. Throughout his career, he has served over 15,000 clients, securing several international and national awards for his contributions, including being named the 'Most Influential SEO' at the UK Entrepreneurship Awards in 2023. His work has garnered media attention from various outlets, including Entrepreneur, the Washington Times, the Daily Record, Yahoo Finance, and numerous others.[5]

Early life and education

Dooley, born in Salford, England, was the youngest of three sons in his family. He spent his entire life in Leigh, Manchester. In 2000, he completed his education at St. Mary's RC High School, specializing in mathematics, computer studies, and sports.

Following his high school education, Dooley pursued higher studies and graduated as a quantity surveyor. Despite his formal education in the field, he chose to follow his entrepreneurial passion.


Dooley started as an area manager at HSS Hire, a tool and equipment rental company. In this role, he oversaw the operations of eight retail outlets, managing inventory, turnover, and profitability. Subsequently, he assumed the position of estimating manager at DCM Projects, responsible for project pricing and subcontractor management.[6]

Between 2006 and 2008, Dooley was a sports director at Soft Surfaces and a marketing director at Sports and Safety Surfaces. During this period, his exposure to SEO emerged as he worked on enhancing the Google ranking of Sports and Safety Surfaces, leading him to study Google algorithms and SEO strategies.[7]

Digital Entrepreneur

In 2002, Dooley established PromoSEO, an online digital media and marketing company specializing in client SEO, lead generation, affiliate marketing, and website ranking services. The firm provides comprehensive promotional solutions across diverse media channels, including newspapers, social media, SEO optimization, billboards, radio campaigns, shopping center marketing, and TV advertising.[8]

In 2010, Dooley co-founded FatRank, a non-profit personal blog with a primary mission to provide comprehensive education and insights into SEO and social media marketing. The platform aims to serve individuals seeking knowledge, from basic principles to advanced strategies in these domains.[9]

In 2015, Dooley co-founded PromoPixa, a video production company specializing in promotional video production, aerial photography, and media services. The enterprise facilitates businesses in showcasing products, properties, events, sports clubs, and more through engaging visual content shared across social platforms.

In 2021, Dooley generated over 1 million online inquiries through his rank-and-rent websites. These websites, like traditional real estate, involve procuring domains, optimizing content, and leasing leads to local businesses. Dooley oversees a portfolio of 300+ websites with 25+ million pages for lead generation.[10]

Dooley's involvement spans various sectors, encompassing diverse initiatives and enterprises. He has collaborated with Rick Hope from Statuo on paid advertising campaigns geared towards lead generation and holds investments in Unistage Ltd., a modular staging manufacturer. Dooley's successful ventures include JMD Property Developments Ltd., specializing in property rental and refurbishment projects; PromoMedia, a traditional marketing firm based in the UK; and Dooley Investments Ltd., which centers on affiliate websites.[11]

Moreover, he co-founded Alpha Digital Group Ltd. and Boomtown Gaming Group. In the realm of horse racing, Dooley co-owns and manages Dooley Thoroughbreds, a horse racing syndicate with ownership of over 15 racehorses in Ireland. His contributions extend to serving as chairman of Searcharoo, a provider of SEO services.[12]

Additionally, Dooley is the founder of the EEAT SEO organization, dedicated to assisting businesses in optimizing their online presence. He has also established the Discovery Google News Agency, focused on promoting businesses within Google News. Furthermore, he is involved in the co-founding of Backlink Doctor, a service offering Google disavow audit services for websites.


Dooley is a noted author, best known for his book "The Art of SEO," a bestseller that has served as a valuable resource for individuals seeking to comprehend search engine operations and enhance their rankings. His written work extends to regular contributions on diverse SEO topics, encompassing search engine optimization, keyword research, and link acquisition and building. These contributions are featured on platforms such as Searcharoo, Best Companies, Boomtown Bingo, Soft Surfaces, British Racecourses, Away Grounds, Columnist24, and Business Manchester, among others. Dooley is also a prominent speaker at industry conferences both within the United States and internationally. His accomplishments and contributions have garnered attention from various media outlets, including Entrepreneur, the Washington Times, the Daily Record, Yahoo Finance, and numerous others.


  • The Art of SEO (July 2023)

Awards and recognitions

Dooley has garnered significant recognition and accolades in the fields of SEO and digital marketing.

  • He has received approximately 300 endorsements on LinkedIn for his expertise in 'SEO'.
  • In 2023, he was honored with the title of 'Most Influential SEO' at the UK Entrepreneurship Awards.[13]
  • Dooley's blog, FatRank, was ranked as the 'Best UK SEO Blog'.
  • He was featured in the list of 'Top SEO Experts You Should Be Following in 2023' by Best Companies.
  • In 2023, he was recognized as "The most influential individual in UK search marketing and SEO."
  • He served as an official guest SEO speaker at the UK Entrepreneur Awards.
  • Dooley was voted the "Best SEO Speaker" for Digital Growth in 2023.[14]
  • He was acknowledged as the 'Most Influential Digital Marketer' in the UK Entrepreneurship Awards.

Personal life

Dooley resides in Manchester, England, with his wife and two children.

In the media



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