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Jacob Scott
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Jacob Scott V

(1991-02-08) February 8, 1991 (age 33)
Alma materRasmussen University, University of FL
  • Creative Designer
  • Product Developer
  • Strategizer
  • Global marketing consultant
  • 12V Media International
  • Down4sound Shop
Known forInventor of the Bluetooth Bass Remote with wireless voltage, temperature, and clip detector for car audio amplifier. Inventor of the HexiCone(TM) speaker cone. Graphic Design. Technology inventions. Marketing.
Height6 ft 5 in (196 cm)
RelativesTori Bushnell

Jacob Scott (born February 8, 1991) is a creative designer, product developer, and global marketing consultant best known as the inventor of the hexicone speaker and Bluetooth smart bass remote with voltage, clip, temperature and power on and off. He specializes in car audio and automotive, e-commerce, web development, product sourcing, affiliate marketing, and social media marketing.[1]

Early life and education

Scott grew up in Ocala, Florida, and was raised by a single mother and her Dominican friends. He survived in extreme poverty, and his mother had to work two jobs to support the family. Jacob was just like any other kid, full of energy and vitality. Unfortunately, it was at the age of ten that he was diagnosed with ADD and ADHD, which resulted in conflicts with his mother and family members. Jacob was then put into a community ministry for troubled children, where he received his first skateboard and camcorder.

His encounter with skateboarding took Jacob by surprise, since he finally found a way out of his troubles. The self-realization led him to film skateboard tricks, play Tony Hawk Pro Skater, and keep the latest skateboarding magazine close to him. This way, Jacob ended up having a skate team called the Planet Skate Team.

While his skateboarding was on, Jacob started learning editing via YouTube for pictures and videos. In middle school, Jacob was placed in advanced classes, and in high school, he was put into AutoCAD and advanced art classes. In his first year of high school, he was kicked out due to being with the wrong crowd at the wrong time.

Jacob ultimately dropped out of his high school to pursue a career in skateboarding. He failed nearly a hundred attempts and was ready to go back to school when he received a call from Kareem Campbell, TONY HAWK pro skater 1 & 2 . Campbell showed an interest in Jacob's marketing talents and hired him for some ads for the relaunch of his company. However, Jacob eventually went back to school to get his GED to please his family.


Jacob started his skateboarding career working for Kareem Campbell. He also worked for various other companies within skateboarding, which include Theeve Truck CO, Citystar skateboards, Hype Skateboards, Stealth Headwear, Nike, and VOX footwear.

By the age of 21, Jacob jumped into the automotive industry and started a small customization shop where he was taught by the older generation of automobiles. Due to not being taken seriously enough, he left the company and started blogging about lifestyle. Jacob then started a blog called Livinloud and made appearances with big automotive groups like Chrysler Group LLC. Companies like Metra and Shiney Monkey Car Care Products helped him get his start.

Within 5 months of operation, Jacob’s blog gained a high traffic of 500,000+, and two years later, the company was sold to a new group, and Jacob went back to the custom shop where he started. He later helped assist Ocala Car Audio in winning the title of number one retailer in the United States. Soon after, the company split, and Jacob joined Shane Campbell and TJ to start Ocala Custom and Xtreme.

Jacob then started marketing on Facebook and Instagram, designing ads and sales flyers and constantly promoting and refining his work. Companies like CT Sound and Tezla Audio gave him his first opportunity. Jacob realized he wanted to be a part of brands and the big business of automotive customization. He created products and designs and helped affiliated companies bloom into sales machines.

In 2015, Jacob saved up all his money to get to the SEMA show in Las Vegas, where he encountered Cerwin-Vega and struck his first major deal for custom skateboards with his name on them. After a while, Jacob left the company to work for Atrend, an Amazon fulfillment/subwoofer enclosure company, where he learned about Amazon FBA and subwoofer box business. Jacob ended up leaving the company and freelancing his skills.

In 2019, Jacob caught the eye of YouTube personality Johnathan Price of Down4sound.[2] He worked for him as a contractor in the area of advertising and marketing. During the pandemic, Jacob strategized a 200X return on ad spend within 30 days and put the Down4sound company into overdrive.[3] In 2020, Jacob took on the role of creating amplifiers for Down4sound, starting with the JP23.

In 2021, Jacob, with the help of colleagues and close friends, created the world's first application-based Bluetooth bass remote with voltage, temperature, clip, and protection features within the remote. This technology took off for the company and can be seen in the JP33, 43, 63, and 83 amplifiers. Jacob continues to work as an independent contractor, creating products as well as helping out at Down4Sound.

Personal life

Jacob is married and is the father of one child. He helps out the community and can still be seen skateboarding. When home, Jacob loves to teach his children and neighborhood kids.

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