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HGM Moe Ji One
محمد سمير جابر
Mohammed Samir Gaber.JPG
Mohammed Samir Gaber

(1996-03-02) March 2, 1996 (age 26)
Khartoum, Sudan
OrganizationMLO Technologies and L&O Apparels

Mohammed Samir Gaber (born March 2, 1996), also known by the names Moejione and HGM Moe Ji One, is a Sudanese entrepreneur, musician, designer, and NFT artist.[1] He is also a voice actor who is known for his notable roles in Tasleem Ahaly, Their Uncle, Home is My Home, Finding Ola, and Route 10.[2][3][4][5]

Gaber’s most notable NFT works include Purple Angel, Seventh Dimension, and Glass Rain.[6]

Early life and education

Mohammed Samir Gaber was born to Samir Jumma, his father, and Eman, his mother, in Khartoum, Sudan. Thereafter, he moved to Saudi Arabia, where he completed his schooling, followed by his graduation from Al Yamamah University in 2019.


Mohammed Samir Gaber has a diverse portfolio as a voice actor, photographer, musician, and entrepreneur. He has so far worked in over 60 movies and TV series, of which significant ones include Takki,[7] Fi Al La La Land,[8] Masameer County,[9] Rashash[10] and Suits.[11][12][13]

Gaber has also made his name in the photography community of Saudi Arabia, having earned 30% ownership in Raw Studios Saudi Arabia.[14] The artist also has an online photo library of his own wherein he shares his photo ideas.[15] Besides being a photographer, Gaber has designed advertisements for Pepsi and some local companies like Beam and Secret.[16]

Gaber is a musician as well, whose songs can be heard on Apple[17] and Spotify.[18][19] Gaber recently released a music single called "X by HGM Moe ji One" which is streaming across all platforms. He is also an NFT artist who has taken advantage of the blockchain technology by creating the famous Purple Angel, which has been auctioned off on several platforms. His other notable NFT works include The Seventh Dimension and Glass Rain.[20]

Gaber is also an entrepreneur who owns a US-based company called MLO Technologies that provides copywriting and business development services.[21] He is also the founder of L&O Apparels, a clothing brand.[22]


Year TV Series/Movies Voice Acting Role
2012 Farouk Umer Rider #25
2012 Wadjda Moe Hgm
2013 Khambalah: Stereotype Moh
2013 Khambalah: Manhood Academy 2 Hgm
2014 Theeb Gun teacher
2015 Veganize it! Little Guy Voicing
2016 Barakah Meets Barakah Khalid #2
2016 Grand Hotel Receptionist
2016 Nyerkuk Father’s Brother
2015-2017 Selfie Starter
2017 Memo Mind Thoughts
2018 Serotonin Calm Talking
2018 Aflam sudania - jadida Driver
2018 No Surrender An inmate
2018 Savina Blueish Angel
2018 Diamond Dust The Duster
2019 Ayesh Walking on the beach
2019 The Blue Elephant 2 Desert Walker
2019 The Perfect Candidate One of the musicians
2019 You Will Die at 20 Mohammed (singing voice)
2019 A Handful of Dates Date picker
2020 Luxor Old guy walking
2020 Six Windows in the Desert Walking Guy
2020 Every Week Has A Friday The guy in neighborhood
2020 The Sun of Gnosis Teacher's Assistant
2020 Whispers Water Sailor
2020 Al-Sit Mohammed
2020 The Tambour of Retribution Swordsman Boy
2020 Goodbye Julia Julia's Little Brother
2021 A Stand Worthy of Men Pool Guy
2021 Huda's Salon The engraver
2019-2021 Infiltration Car Modifier
2021/II The Journey Army Arabic Black Guy
2021 The Knower First to die
2021 Mousa The Hard drive owner
2021 Bara El Manhag Meshal
2022 The Crime Cellmate
2022 Finding Ola Taxi Driver
2022 Jameel Jeddan Deep Voicing
2022 Love, Life & Everything in Between. Store owner
2018-2022 Asouf Police assistant
2015-2022 Al Kabeer Moh Tala
2022 El Bayt Bayti Kidnapped 4#
2022 Rivo Musician
2022 Kira & El Gin Loud Ghost
2022 Their Uncle Guy drinking in the background.
2022 The Eight Truck driver
2022 I Love You Back Vocalist
2022 Dangerous Curve Train Driver
2022 Tasleem Ahaly
2022 Route 10 Gun Stalker
2022 Junoon (Post-production) Taxi Driver
Under Production. Cello (Post-production) Violin Holder
2023 Old Phone Number Deep Cry (voice)
2023 Rise of the Witches (Filming) Crying night


Mohammed Samir Gaber has been nominated for Middle East actor of the year 2019.

Personal life

Mohammed S Gaber is the eldest of his three siblings. He is fluent in English, Arabic and German.


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