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Gabri Labs
IndustryPharmaceutical technologies and innovation
Founded2020; 2 years ago (2020)
FounderElio Gebrayel
Number of locations
Area served
Key people
Elio Gebrayel
Rany Gebrayel

Gabri Labs is an American privately held pharmaceutical company headquartered in Dover, Delaware, with production facilities across Europe and the Middle East.[1] Gabri Labs was founded by Elio Gebrayel with the aim to bring forth healthcare innovation by developing high-quality products in the therapeutic ENT and dermatology spheres.[2]

Gabri Labs has gained recognition for its bespoke products - OTOMAR, an ENT brand offering medical devices, and CURADEM, a dermatology brand that offers solutions to prevent and treat a number of skin conditions.[3]


Gabri Labs was established in 2020 by Elio Gebrayel with the aim to revolutionize the healthcare industry, especially the ENT and Dermatology sub-industries. Gabri Labs has built a reputation for pharma excellence and fostered a hands-on experience to better people's lives by leveraging ever-evolving science and technology.[4]

In June 2021, Gabri Labs entered into a strategic partnership with McCann Health Dubai, a renowned global healthcare communications network known for its consumer and HCP communications expertise.[5]


Gabri Labs’ brands are under trademark protection within several countries including the USA and the Middle East. These include:


OTOMAR is an ENT brand that sells medical devices for children and adults that help treat a wide range of Ear, Nose, and Throat conditions, reducing symptoms and, by extension the patient's quality of life. This brand presently offers a unique OTOMAR seawater solution for both kids and adults which is a nasal spray that helps with the dryness of mucous membrane, cases of cold, flu, and sinus congestion, and clearing allergens and impurities from nasal passages.[6]


CURADEM is a unique dermatological solution for adults and children that can be used to prevent and treat a variety of skin diseases. The brand’s innovative formulas are easy to apply and immediately prevent inflamed skin while also giving soothing comfort. This brand offers an environmentally friendly rash spray for both children and adults to relieve and prevent skin rash discomfort.[7]


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