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Founded2017; 5 years ago (2017)
FounderMarco Savarese

Eyeshot is a privately owned independent publisher that deals exclusively with Street and Documentary photography. Founded in 2017, the company is headquartered in Bologna, Italy, and is currently led by Marco Savarese.[1][2][3]

As the first independent publisher working exclusively with Street and Documentary Photography, Eyeshot is dedicated to publishing and distributing content by the most significant authors in the present global Contemporary Photography scene. In addition, Eyeshot has collaborated with major photographic events such as the London, San Francisco, Australian and Italian street photography festivals.[4]


The foundation of Eyeshot began roughly ten years ago when Marco Savarese decided to create "Hyde Park," a space where everyone could express themselves.[5][6] This artistic space was inspired by Speakers' Corner in London's Hyde Park. Hyde Park served as a container for people to share their work, such as poems, short tales, and photography. Subsequently, Hyde Park was renamed Hyde Park Photography and began focusing solely on photography. Hyde Park Photography published two issues in 2012, both of which are still available on Apple Books.[7]

After a period of interruption of the project, Eyeshot was finally born in 2017 with a focus on street and documentary photography. Since its inception, Eyeshot has been dedicated to spearheading a movement that aspires to revolutionize the publishing industry.[8]

This publishing house has been focusing on curating limited edition books and magazines made by street photographers for the past five years. Gaining recognition for the quality and unique content put out by Eyeshot, founder Savarese has successfully built a community sharing the same passion spread across 120 countries on five continents. As of 2022, more than 700 works by photographers from all over the world have been published on their website. To date, Eyeshot has collaborated with renowned street photographers including, Vineet Vohra,[9] Shin Noguchi, Siegfried Hansen, Francesco Sembolini, Suzan Pektaş, Max Sturgeon, Lorenzo Catena, Valeria Tofanelli, Stavros Stamatiou, Richard Koci Hernandez, Andrea Torrei, David Graham, Lukas Vasilikos, Simon Kossoff, Sakulchai Sikitikul and many others.[10]


Eyeshot invests in emerging photographers and is continuously on the search for new photographers who want to share their unique perspectives. The publishing house also offers the greatest royalties in the industry to the authors it collaborates with.

All Eyeshot publications are made in Italy, and each publication is a limited edition. It also has two different editorial lines: magazines (with a specific theme for each edition; each edition features more than 100 photographs) and books (these are monographs of just one photographer). Recently, the publisher also launched a project in the area of NFT Photography, publishing a limited edition phygital collection of its eighth magazine "Bulgaria" on Opensea. It is also working on publishing an exclusive collection of photographs in an NFT + fine art version.

Eyeshot is also an environmentally conscious firm that follows a strict plastic-free policy. All of Eyeshot’s content is printed on Fedrigoni paper from FSC certified sources. The company also supports local printing presses.[11]

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