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Emily Schrader
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NationalityIsraeli, American
CitizenshipIsrael, USA
Alma mater
OrganizationSocial Lite Creative

Emily Schrader (born 1991) is an Israeli journalist, writer, social activist, entrepreneur, and digital marketing expert.[1] She is the founder of Social Lite Creative, a marketing and advertising firm based in Tel Aviv, Israel, serving NGOs and covering politics & cause-based activism.[2]

Schrader has over a decade of experience as an independent journalist and has offered her expertise and services to numerous industry giants including The Times of Israel, The Jerusalem Post,[3] The Forward, Tablet Magazine [4] he Weekly Standard, PoliticsWeb, and UT San Diego, to name a few.[5]

In due course of her career, Schrader has been advocating for Israel in the international arena. She is a well-known educator, researcher, and activist with a focus on politics and international affairs. She is a known activist for the campaign for social media networks to adopt the International Holocaust Remembrance Association(IHRA) definition of antisemitism, and spoke in the Israeli Parliament on the topic repeatedly. Schrader was also named one of the top internationals making a difference in Israel by Hello Israel TV.[6]


After completing her high school education, Schrader enrolled at the University of Southern California, where she pursued a bachelor’s degree in political science. After that, she went to Tel Aviv University to acquire a master’s degree in Political Communication, graduating Magna Cum Laude.

As of 2021, Schrader is a Research Fellow at The Tel Aviv Institute, specializing in research on women's rights and antisemitism.


Schrader started her career in 2010 as an Independent public speaker and writer. She soon became a contributing writer for several prolific media outlets including The Jerusalem Post,[7] The Times of Israel, The Forward, UT San Diego, The Weekly Standard, PoliticsWeb, and others.[8]

In 2011 as a digital director for StandWithUs, an NGO countering antisemitism.[9] She worked for over eight years with this organization, during which she focused on content creation, advertising, and online marketing.[10] Schrader also represented the organization in TV and radio interviews, along with writing articles for print and digital media. Schrader also founded a fellowship program with the aim to teach activists how to leverage social media for causes.

In 2019, Schrader founded Social Lite Creative, a digital marketing and consulting firm that focuses on politics and activism.

Throughout her career, Schrader has been involved in documenting various political incidents across Israel.[11] She even exposed a major initiative in Malaysia to troll Jewish and pro-Israel activists on social media from Malaysia, which was broadcasted on multiple news channels.

Licenses and certification

  • Google Analytics Essential Training, LinkedIn, Issued in 2017
  • Google Analytics for Beginners, Issued in 2018 (Expires in 2022)
  • Google Ads Essential Training, Issued in 2019
  • PPC Management, Habetzefer, Issued in 2020
  • Google Ads Search Certification, Issued in 2020 (Expired in 2021)

In the media



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