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EarlyBirds aka Early Birds Marketplace
  • B2B
  • Information Services
  • SaaS
  • Innovation Platform
  • Business Strategy
  • Open Innovation
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Machine Learning
  • Innovation Sourcing
  • Innovation and Strategy Consulting
  • Business Model
  • Test and Evaluation
  • B2B Sourcing
  • Self Learning Organization model
  • Open Innovation Ecosystem
  • Disruptive business model
Founded2019; 5 years ago (2019)
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EarlyBirds aka Early Birds Marketplace is an award-winning Australian technology startup launched in 2019 with a focus to create an open innovation ecosystem that provides platform and services to innovators (Startups, Scaleup and mature), early adopters (organisations looking to use innovative solutions), and subject matter experts (domain or industry experts) and helps them solve business and technical challenges.[1][2]

EarlyBirds is dedicated to innovative, tech- and data-driven startups, scaleups and mature organisations operating in a diverse range of industries including IT, Cybersecurity, EdTech, Healthcare, Blockchain, Real Estate, and many others. EarlyBirds specializes in exploring disruptive business models to help entrepreneurs and early adopter organisations succeed. It is known for helping organizations become independent and adopt a self-learning way to solve business and technical problems using its unique Edzlity framework.[3][4]


EarlyBirds was created when Kris Poria connected with Jeff Penrose when they were both working at different firms. Poria was working with a large systems integrator on a major project that required a solution to manage a multi-cloud environment. Jeff had a solution for Poria's requirement. After a series of positive meetings with Kris' tech team, architects, and other stakeholders, both Poria and Jeff were satisfied with the outcome and decided to put their plan into action but they couldn't secure approval from their corporate headquarters.[5]

The System Integrator, Kris was working for, decided to construct a solution in-house rather than rely on Jeff's disruptive off-the-shelf solution. In the end, the customer received a customized solution that was likely more risky and expensive. The local startup, on the other hand, squandered a fantastic opportunity to obtain a customer reference, develop skills, and create jobs.[6]

Kris and Jeff got together after realizing that something needed to be done about the situation. Initially, they explored offering business development and sales as a service to six to eight local startups and scaleups. The more they looked into tech innovators and early adopters, the more they realized that this strategy would not scale because the problem was far greater. It is, in fact, a global issue.[7]

Kris and Jeff then decided to create a network that would connect innovators - startups, and scaleups with early adopter clients in both the commercial and public sectors. Innovators can utilize the platform to list their offering with a price, upload collateral, and, if they don't have one, use the online sales contract. Early Adopters can create a challenge and share their business and technical requirements for Innovation.[8]

The Cofounders spent a lot of time in the early phases of the company working with a variety of tech incubators and accelerators in Australia and around the world. They found the EarlyBirds business model and platform to be a great match for Accelerators' strong work with Innovators.[9]


EarlyBirds Platform was launched in September 2019. The company soon introduced the third pillar to the EarlyBirds platform to close gaps in the business model. This was a services component that included independent Subject Matter Expert (SME) consultants who could help Early Adopters define and resolve their business concerns. Simultaneously they also designed the Explorer and Challenger programs.[10]

Eventually, EarlyBirds turned into an Open Innovation Ecosystem - with three key pillars: Innovators, Early Adopters, and SME Consultants. Within a year, EarlyBirds gained market traction, SMEs began to sign up, the Big Data pool provided access to over a million Innovators, and our Executive and Advisory Board teams began to grow.[11]

Since its inception, EarlyBirds has built an ecosystem comprising over 3 million innovators and over 100 SME Consultants. It has helped 600+ organizations from around the world to scale their businesses and gain market traction.[12]


The EarlyBirds Platform

The EarlyBirds platform provides insights into global industry innovation capabilities, advanced search capability to identify potential innovators based on early adopter organisation challenges as well collaboration tools to work with various internal and external stakeholders. The platform also provides additional products such as Open Innovation Maps that capture global innovation capabilities in specific themes such as Cybersecurity. [13]


The Explorer Program

The Explorer program is for early adopter organisations who need Innovation as a Service to enhance existing innovation initiatives or to carry out specific innovation projects.

The Challenger program

This initiative is designed to solve one Early Adopter business problem at a time, then find related Innovators who meet the business, technical, commercial, and risk requirements. The selected Innovators can be evaluated by the Early Adopter, and then a roadmap for the future can be released.[14]


For Early Adopter Organizations

EarlyBirds assists Early Adopter organizations in becoming self-learning organizations by facilitating continuous improvement across all business functions, promptly addressing business and technological obstacles, and investigating disruptive business models, solutions, and innovations.[15]

For Innovator Organizations

EarlyBirds assists innovator organizations in engaging with Early Adopter customers and partners to adopt their solutions and products, resulting in a revenue funnel.

For Subject Matter Experts

EarlyBirds offers Subject Matter Experts a flexible contract, a business framework, aided programmes, training, and a platform to address obstacles and accelerate innovation for a variety of businesses.

Awards and recognition

  • Top 10 SaaS List Of Promising Companies in Australia
  • 50 Most Trustworthy Companies of the Year 2021
  • Most Innovative B2B Consulting & Collaboration Platform - 2021 - Corporate Excellence Award
  • Early Birds And Its CEO In The 10 Dominant Cloud Leaders Of 2021- Mirror Review
  • EarlyBirds’ Founders Amongst “Disruptive Leaders at the Forefront of Innovation and Strategy 2021" -Business Talk
  • The 10 Most Prominent CEO Leaders in 2021 – SwiftNLift cover page features Kris Poria of EarlyBirds
  • EarlyBirds CEO Kris Poria Recognised Globally Among the 10 Most Inspiring Business Leaders Making a Difference in 2021


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