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Kris Poria
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  • EarlyBirds
  • Unisys
  • Oracle
Height6 ft 1 in (185 cm)
Spouse(s)Kamlesh Poria
  • Jay Poria
  • Sanjee Poria

Kris Poria is an Indian born Australian entrepreneur, technology/business executive and seed investor.[1] He is the founder of EarlyBirds, an open innovation ecosystem that brings together innovators (start-ups, scaleups and mature) and early adopters organisations looking to solve business challenges along with independent specialists to share experience and knowledge, allowing firms to scale their businesses more quickly. As of 2021, Poria also serves as a contributor at Entrepreneur.

Poria is considered a leader in actionable innovation and collaboration and has been determined to improve business functionality throughout his career.[2] Apart from that he is also a renowned keynote speaker and is often seen at conferences, talk shows, and podcasts sharing his expertise as an industry leader.

Poria, for his exceptional advancements within the education and IT sector, has attracted the attention of a number of media outlets including Entrepreneur,[3] Yahoo,[4] Seattle Daily Observer,[5] Daily Advent,[6] The Morning Herald,[7] WBOC,[8] Globe-News Wire,[9] and others.

Early life and education

Poria grew up in a remote Indian farming community. He spent three months at an English school when he was 16 years old, with no prior knowledge of the English language. With a strong desire to learn, he quickly became fluent in English in the following years. Later Poria acquired an MBA in marketing and related support services from Macquarie Graduate School of Management (MGSM).


Poria began his career working for his family business in the 80's. After getting married quite young, he started his own business in IT and Education but then he got interested in software where he sold his business and moved to metro cities to get Microsoft Certified Solution Developer.[10]

In 1997, Poria began working in the IT department, assuming different roles at a diverse range of companies, gaining experience, and honing his skills. He continued to jump ships, including working in Europe and the USA, touching base at different industries and becoming a highly skilled IT professional.[11]

In 2004, Poria joined Unisys Australia as a configuration manager, where he worked for a year and then became a country manager for Global Reach Australia. Poria became a member of HH Group in 2007, where he worked as a managing director for business development & IT for four years. In the same year, he also became an advisory member for Invest in Australia, where he served for thirteen years.[12]

In 2008, he served as a business development director for LJ Hooker. In 2011, he served for a brief period at Intech Solutions as a national business development manager. In 2012, Poria joined Oracle as an account director for ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and related Oracle business applications. He worked for over three years at this multi-national company during which he also worked as a client executive for a few months at Fujitsu.

In 2016, Poria became a client director in the public sector for Unisys. After three years, he joined HERE Technologies as a regional engagement manager where he worked for over a year. In 2019 Poria founded EarlyBirds - a global platform and business model that connects innovators (start-ups, scaleups and mature) with early adopter organisations along with independent experts, to share expertise and knowledge, to enable businesses to upscale quicker.[13] As of 2021, he also serves as a contributor for Entrepreneur sharing his expertise in the fields of Innovation, Future of Work, Business, Digital Transformation, Disruption, Technology, Entrepreneurship, and Human Values.


  • Microsoft Certified Solution Developer, Microsoft, Issued in 1998
  • Enterprise Architecture, Gertner, Issued in 2011
  • Ken Blanchard on Servant Leadership, LinkedIn, Issued in 2018
  • Design Thinking Experience, Echos, Issued in 2019
  • Unlocking Creativity, IDEO, Issued in 2019
  • Entrepreneurship, The Wharton School, 2019


  • Recipient of the 2015 Excellence Award - Oracle

Nominated for High Potential for senior leadership at an accelerated leadership talent program at Unisys in 2017

  • Executive of the Year (Global Nomination 2018) - Unisys
  • 10 Most Innovative Business Leaders 2021- Beyond Exclamation[14][15]
  • The 10 Most Inspiring Business Leaders Making a Difference 2021 - CIO Views[16]
  • The 10 Most Prominent CEO Leaders in 2021- SwiftnLift[17]
  • The 10 Dominant Cloud Leaders of 2021- MirrorReview[18]

Personal life

Poria is married to Kamlesh Poria and they have two kids named Jay and Sanjee. He is fluent in English, and Hindi.

In the media



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