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Type of site
Online literature platform, reading app, online fiction app
Area servedWorldwide Available in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Indonesia, Filipino, Thai, Vietnamese, etc.
OwnerStary Pte Ltd
Founder(s)Alan Fu
LaunchedSeptember 2018; 3 years ago (2018-09)
Current statusActive

Dreame is a global reading platform for web fiction and online literature. It also provides audiobooks, interactive games, webcomics, and a full range of IP development and operation services for creators. It is intended for users to read and write original stories.[1]

Founded by Alan Fu in 2018, Dreame aims to create social communities around fiction stories and remove the barriers between readers and writers. The platform allows users to write and publish stories, or just read stories generated by other users.

Dreame has stories available in over 20 languages and has 300,000 books on its platform.[2]


In September 2018, Alan Fu founded Dreame with his Singapore firm, Stary Pte. Ltd, with the goal of building a virtual home for literature enthusiasts.[3]

In October 2018, Dreame’s readership had risen to over 100,000.

In January 2019, its readership reached 1 million. It also formed a global editorial network with editors from different countries.[4]

In July 2019, Dream introduced the Writers' Benefits Program where an influx of new writers has joined. After a month, Dream launched its first writing contest.

In February 2022, Dreame launched its Writer Benefits Program, which includes an upgrade in bonuses, publication and adaptation, honor and promotion. The program allows writers to have one-on-one guidance from its editors and free courses from its online academy. They can also get inspiration and motivation from readers' feedback on their works.[5]

In November 2021, Dreame welcomed a popular actor from the Philippines, Paulo Avelino, as their brand ambassador.[6]

In March 2022, Dreame announced a partnership with Globook to create audiobooks based on popular Dreame stories. With Dreame's IP library, Globook will identify qualifying stories for the new App. Globook will produce and operate the audiobook versions, assuring high-quality recordings with expert narrators to maximize story absorption.[7]


The Dreame multilingual platform allows writers to publish unique works and participate in events and contests made to keep readers and writers entertained. It helps its writers by offering royalties, promotions, tutorials, workshops, publishing guides, and exploitation of intellectual property assets, thereby helping indie authors to reach their own goals.[8] It is available in over 100 countries and regions, including the USA, Canada, Australia, Indonesia, Brazil, Mexico, Malaysia and the Philippines.[9] Dreame contributed over $10 million in writer's benefits alone in 2021, with the Writers' Benefits Program providing additional rewards for their original creations. Dreame accumulates over 300,000 books in over 20 languages and aims to further develop its platform into a global leader in pan-entertainment in the future. It is trademarked in Singapore, the Philippines, New Zealand, and the European Union in categories 9 and 41.[10]


In December 2020, Dreame and an NGO in the Philippines put on a special event together. They gave money to people who were hurt by Typhoon Ulysses, and a donation of $10,000 was made to help authors in the area who were also hurt by the typhoon.[11]


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