Dr Ankita Singh

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Dr Ankita Singh
Dr Ankita Singh.JPG
Alma materUniversity of Toledo
OccupationMedical doctor

Dr Ankita Singh is a medical doctor who specializes in family medicine and obesity medicine. She is originally from India and is currently practicing in Arizona.[1][2]

Early Life and Education

Dr. Singh grew up in India where she knew early on that she had a passion for medicine, and she found herself reading continuously about health and fitness. The medical field in India is extremely competitive, so when Ankita was accepted to one of the premier medical schools in the country, she was ecstatic, and it was there that Dr. Singh received her M.D.


After receiving her medical degree, Dr. Singh started working at a local hospital before immigrating to the United States. When she arrived in the USA in 2008, she started to volunteer at local hospitals while studying for her medical boards. Upon passing the board exams, Dr. Singh was accepted into a residency program at the University of Toledo in Ohio.[3]

Since 2019, Dr. Ankita Singh has been working as a hospitalist, and is dual board certified in both family medicine and obesity medicine. She also has advanced training in both weight loss management and esthetics medicine.[4]


In 2022, Dr. Singh launched the Dr. Ankita Singh Scholarship for Future Doctors of America, which provides scholarship funding for a deserving student who wishes to become a doctor.[5][6]


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