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A medical degree is a professional degree that may be earned by students who have successfully completed curriculum in the disciplines of medicine and/or surgery at a medical school that has been granted accreditation. The recipient of a medical degree has the opportunity to pursue further study in a medical specialty with the ultimate objective of obtaining a licence to practise medicine in their home jurisdiction after successfully completing the speciality training programme. Graduates of medical schools also have the option of pursuing careers outside of clinical medicine, such as those in fundamental research or positions within the healthcare industry. According to the findings of a survey that was carried out all around the world in the year 2011, students typically finish 174 assignments, 64 university examinations, and 130 series exams during the period of 5.5 years. In order for students to be eligible to take the aptitude test for these degree programmes, they must have earned a grade of at least 85 percent or higher in the courses that are prerequisites.